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    okay, so I have a big assignment that is 60% of my grade. We have to think of a question and sumit research with the answers...graphs, surveys.etc... Anyways the question I chose to do for my paper is
    Does powwow dancing promote physical and metal wellbeing?
    If anyone wants to answer and maybe what you do if you are a dancer to stay healthy, thoughts, etc. msg me or post. All info will be strictly confidential in the final product.

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    hi I am a fancy shawl dancer ---they call my dance native arobic's because it's a hard cardio work out!! we dance full out for up to 5 minutes ! if you are feeling down it takes away all that from your body ! I loose up to 6lbs on a pow wow weekend does that tell you anything yes it is good for your body hope this helped Star


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      Originally posted by ojibwakwe View Post
      Does powwow dancing promote physical and metal wellbeing?
      Physical well being? Well, considering if you get to dance much (opposed to sitting on the bench waiting for contests to get done) it's a very good work out that is similar, more or less, to any cardio excersize I've seen/done.

      Mental well being? Well, after a good dance I feel very happy and rejuvenated, must be from all those endorphins, eh?

      Traditions.....keep them and keep them sacred!

      I am NOT Indian. I have never been to India, nor has any of my family before me! I have met these people from India, of whom you speak, and I am nothing like them. Why do you call me an Indian?



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        I dance tradish pow wows dance all!! and dance all day very good for you both ways you feel great but tired when evening comes __Star


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          mens traditional

          I dance mens traditional I don't get ot many powwows as I would like but most of the powwows in my area isn't competition powwows its just good fun powwows but if you dance like I do every intertribal you can and all mens traditional especialy for us the SNEAK UP, CROW HOP, COUNTING COUP Dances are harder on us they wasy I was tought on sneak up is to get as low as you can but you can't let you knee touch the ground but you still have to keep your feet moving its killer on your calf musles and ankles similer to criple leg grass dance and depending on your regailia how heavy it is bustle, cape if you were one " I've one coyete look for black and silver wolf hard tjo find" leggins type of apron, shirt buckskin or ribbon and then the acessories breastplate choker necklaces depends on howmany bandoliers dancebells and so on compared to what a grass dancer wears "depends on there style of outfit traditional can be a bit more stuffy and heavyer the same can be same for grass dancers i've never done grass dance my blood brothers little brother is he is realy good he is 13 his outfit is fairly lite but with all the ribbon and yarn it holds the heat in. So in short danceing can be physicaly demanding and healthy for you as long as you keep is somewhat good shape and stretch


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            I like hitting up traditional powwows so you get to dance all day and night. That plus every single weekend from April to September, usually puts you in better shape then you were if you didn't dance.

            Plus as a dancer I like to bike a lot when I'm not on the road to keep my legs and feet in shape. Stretching before and after dancing is good to. I don't know if it's really all that good to sit around all week doing nothing, then all of a sudden dancing hard all weekend. Probably puts more shock on your body opposed to someone who tries to work out all week long. Probably prevents you from getting more sore after dancing.


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              thats true anish went to one pow wow that was bieng put on by people that hasn't put one on before and i know first hand how hard that is. Toward the end of the last day twisted my ankle during a sneakup with some crow and duck and dive mixed in and I was laid up for 5 days went to another one powwow the weekend after that one and I didn't have the energy like I usually do


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                most of the powwows that I go to in outside on the grass were we are at the hands of mother nature and the people that was putting in on for the first time Picked a bad location , little rutty, slight uphill angle, oh did I forget to mention the yellow jacket nest in the middle of the circle that no one knew about till the last day.


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                  I am new to pow wow about 3 years now. I have a lot to learn. North trad forum seems nice people. Was interested in straight till I got on their forum. Am mixed blood tribe unknown and feel more accepted here for being pale face in appearance. I am retired physician. Work out several times a week upper and lower body weights and walk pow wow dance walk pow wow dance around the indoor walking area at a church rec facility. I dance intertribals for my creator the hebrew tribal god yah weh or maneto in Shawnee. To be 70 age, I think with the brothers on this forum, I may turn into a Northern dancer without offense to those that the creator has made more native than this mongrel.


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                    Welcome to You'll have to chat with Wardancer. He is a talented feather and bead worker. In my humble opinion, he is a magnificent dancer.

                    I'm a woman, so I don't much about the nitty-gritty of men's dancing. But, it has been my observation that people care much more about whether or not you behave properly, and show proper respect. It is actions more than skin color that identify one as Native.

                    The internet can help you with somethings, but there are many things which are not properly taught online. If you've been dancing intertribals, you must have built connections to some local group of dancers. Get to know the northern traditional dancers. Once you've gotten properly acquainted, take tobacco to one who seems receptive and knowledgable and ask your questions. If you're meant to dance, you will find the right people. They will teach you what you need to know.

                    Good luck.


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                      Niawe thank you. Dance with beauty and dance in your heart.


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