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    yes i need help...

    i need to know if the roach spreder makes the roach hair fan out, or to make the hair fan out you have to tie it a way so the hair fans out...


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    If you are talking about the flat style roach like the Crow Tribe commonly wear, it is tied to lay the way it does. The spread is there to only hold your feathers, roach pin (if you have one) and if you have short hair attach ties to (so you have a way to keep your roach on). If you need more info pm powwowbum49
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      Hmmm... well I’m not talking about the crow style roach. I’m talking about a roach for a common tradish regalia outfit. I e-mailed a company that makes roaches at a good price and a good quality and they said...

      Our roaches are made to stand up in the front and there is no real way how to tie the roach hair to make it lie flat or to fan out in the front.

      You can store the roach a Cretan way to make it fan out in the front.

      I need to know a way to store the roach to make the hair fan out in the front.



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        just some thoughts...

        Spotted Eagle makes a good point in talking about how the hair is tied for the Crow-style roach (I'm not Crow, but have had the opportunity to look at roaches of that style). If you are wanting the hair of your roach to "lay-down," it can be accomplished with a leather rounder or piece of cardstock/board (cut slightly larger than the round portion of the roach base) placed beneath the roach spreader and the base of the roach. You have to be careful, however, because if you go overboard, you end up smashing the hair (the end result of that is not very pretty). Spotted Eagle's suggestion of contacting powwowbum is a good one as well...from what I have heard, he is a good resoure on roaches.


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          another way to get the hair to lay flat is to get a c.d. and put it under your spreaderand kinda get it to fit in with your spreader like a metal or leather one , this spreads the hair out but be care-ful with the edges of the c.d. put some scotch tape on the end of the c.d. to keep it from wearing down the hair.


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