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  • workin' out

    Staying in shape is very critical, so I was wondering what you guys do to train for this style of dance?

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    work out my legs.......

    leg press things of that sort any thing that helps ur lower body buidl up muscle also

    run about a half mile a day,jog a mile, or walk like 2 miles

    and always always practice dancing in ur back yard or inside(all my freinds know i already dance so its not like im embarrassed if im outside)

    also work alot wit sneak ups and crow hops they help alot

    and also if u do dance to practice i do it in my basic outfit (shirt,knees,goats,bells,moccs,aprons and side drops) just so i keep the feel of my outfit with me..

    hope it helps



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      Work out????????? Whas dat????? LMAO My workouts in the winter and spring come from sneaking through the woods chasin deer and turkeys. Other than that......... ummm, maybe that's why I've gained a few pounds over the last couple of years LMAO
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        I've been so lazy lately so my gut is not as solid as I like but usually I would lft weights in my garage. Run about a mile alot of situps and I'm talkin like 700 a day. I had abs of steel but like I said man I been so lazy.
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          When I was a young buck living in the bush, I spent the summer canoeing, swimming, fishing, and choppin' wood a lot, so I never really worried about working out. In the winter I spent a lot of time hunting, snowboarding and trapping.

          Now that I'm an old dog and living in the city, I try to walk for at least 20 min a day. The medical folks say that 20 minutes of low-level activity shows the most dramatic benefits (less or more than that and the perceived benefits drop). I also run a few miles in the summer (but not with my bells and bustle on). This time of year i try to hit as many small and one day events as I can due to the relative scarcity of "regular" powwows in my area.
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            when I work out it's always with my leggs and chest the arms are getting enough work out as it is in school( carrying books ) .
            I always work out with wieghts on my legs, and most recently my bustle . then again there is no better exercise than just to go out and practice I've actually been known to get in a fit and dance during school , but I do it almost every day exept thursday and that's packed and I don't have any time then.
            i kinda slack off during the winter because I can't go outside with all the bad weather and nagging mom ( no offence, just my personal opinion) but in spring that's when I go backpacking, camping , swimming , and that's also when reenacting and powwows start up again so .... yeah , i'm set.


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              The sad part is when you're younger the working out & stretching is easier to make time for and continue. As you get older you "think" it would be nice to work out & stretch, but with work you just can't seem to find the time. Now when I get out there at first I feel like I should be in Men's Golden Age, but finally the kinks get worked out and the contest is on.:dancer:


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                Hi all

                In reference to a routine to keep in shape for dancing. When I get ready for a stiff competition pow wow. I have to consider the elements of the environment: is the pow wow inside, outside in the hot sun, on hard dirt, on grass, on a gym floor, and the dance area size. After considering the environmental elements I would work on a short and long routine. The short routine is to build/maintain my leg and upper body and the long routine is build my stamina. In the long routine I usually run 2 miles without stopping and walk and run short wind sprints on the return trip back. Start out slow and maintain a schedule daily and weekly.

                What I have found for some unprepared dancers is that they go all out on the first song and forget about saving some fuel in the tank for a set of 3 to four songs. Another thing in training take care of the body with good food and lots of water.

                I hope that helps and that is my 2 cents.



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        's need to stay in shape...we ladies like it when you dance hard..and when you's duck n' dive...ummm:Naughty :Naughty
                  blah blah blah....


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                    Any kind of cardiovascular activity where you push your limits is good. Sneak ups are like wind sprints! Competition Crow Hops separate the men from the boys, too.

                    Running, biking, cross training.


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