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  • gun stock dance club

    please tell me how many of you carry gunstock clubs and what you think of them . I'm thinking of making one.

    I like gunstock clubs, carry one and would suggest one to other dancers
    I have used one and don't like gunstock clubs and wouldn't suggest one to another dancer
    I have one but eather don't use it or use it sparingly
    I have no Idea what MAROONDANCERS talking about

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    gun stock clubs

    I like gun stock clubs... an easy one that you can make is one made from eather a real gunstock that isn't cut were the barrel sits. or you can go for the realy old look. use a axe handel. i recomend you saw off the part were the axe head is then stain it. then put in pilot holes (so the tacks will go in easer) then put in tacks were you want them. cut out a area that you can put in your spear head put one in then rivit it in with a brass rod. then you are ready to go. on mine i wraped leather lace (you can get this at wal-mart in a 25yrd spool for $6.00) around the handel then tacked it in place.

    i hope this info was helpful.



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      There are so many things you can carry. Gunstocks, jaw bones, deer legs, dance sticks, pipe hawks, dance bows, etc. Really it is a matter of what you prefer, what you are comfortable with and what is correct for your tribe.

      As far a gunstocks go, there are several kits out there that can get you started, but I would suggest personalizing it if you go that way. That's the thing about kits they provide you a base to work from, where you go from there is up to you.
      The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
      -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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        i have to agree with spottedeagle


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          gun stock clubs

          yes... sorry i forgot to add this in my poast...

          you can get a gunstock club kit in the crazy crow trading poast catalog. its avalabel on page 35 you can get it ready made for $35.00 or you can get the kit for $18.95, i think you should go with the kit. well cost, there is a difrence. but i like to make the things my self.



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            I used to carry one, but haven't done so in a while. I do like them as it retains an "old-style" aspect. keep us posted as to what you decide.



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              well just thought I would ask !:D I'm planning on making one. when I was at a reenactment in west virginia there was a guy there that was selling them . I (whoom was in a civil war period uniform) talked to him and a pard of mine sat beside me dumb-founded , he doesn't dance.I got to look at one and examine it . a couple of days ago I was bored in science class , so I started sketching regalia , ( i do that alot , come up with some good ideas !) and the main thing i sketcherd was a gunstock club. I'm making the handle and a friend of mine (the one who's house burned down) finally got his anvil and blacksmithing stuffup and since I'm making a roach for him he's making me a blade for the stock, we liked the design we made so much we're making a knife out of it.oddly today at a visit to johann fabrics I saw the tacks I want on it they our 1/2 inch round silverdisks that are completelt flat, I'm thinking about Implanting them in the wood so the surface is smooth . it will be a job , but i'll try to get a picture on here when it's done.


              'i believe I can fly'
              Rob Young


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                There are several on ebay right now, but out of between 5 - 10, I think I saw 1 or 2 that were made correctly!!!!! :Chatter ;)
                The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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                  yeah I saw those also, I didn't like them much. me and my dad are going to make it out of some uncured american cherry that he's been drying for some time now.we're going to start it as soon as I draw up the dementions.

                  'i believe I can fly'
                  Rob Young


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                    Gun stock war club.

                    I don't dance, but I have one made of cherry. Mine was traced from an original Creek Indian war club, called a Red Stick, found in Alabama. These were used during the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814. The original, on the handle, has a deer tail ornament and part of a scalp with feathers.

                    I don't have any pictures of mine, but I have a pic that is very similar to it. This one is a reproduction, and is on display at the Battle of Horshoe Bend state Park. See below. You'll see that the style didn't change very much from early times to the later 1800's when it seen use on the Plains.

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                      You missed one vote possibility:

                      I like gunstock clubs, but do not currently carry one or have one, however have considered making and carrying one.

                      That'd be my vote.


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                        sorry C rock If I could add that one I would

                        boy it feels good to post again

                        'i believe I can fly'
                        Rob Young


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                          My gunstock club is made from the butt of a rusted away springfield carbine, partially split and wrapped with rawhide to tighten the crack and keep it together. the butt has a brass plate that was reattached with 4 new screws and the cheek rest part of the gunstock was bored through and a obsidian lance head tied to a hickory rod was passed through and pegged. Handle was whittled down to a comfortable size. Tried to keep it plain... don't use it much carry fan and eagle-foot beaded stick mostly
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                            Originally posted by spottedeagle
                            There are so many things you can carry. . . deer legs. . .Really it is a matter of what you prefer, what you are comfortable with and what is correct for your tribe. . .

                            "But you'd betta' be sure the deer is dead before you try to carry his legs!"

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