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I Need some help on Bustles?

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  • I Need some help on Bustles?

    I like to know how Can you men's Northern Traditional get your Bustles, I like to know how you in the Traditional Ways?
    Boozhoo People, I got a name for my Drum now It called LynxSoldier alot people like that name here in my Area and other rez around Area.

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    There are a couple threads discussing bustle construction recently as well as a good thread by bwhite in the fancy feather forum. You may also want to pick up a copy of the C. Scott Evans book Northern Traditional Dancer. You can get it from crazycrow, nocbay or in the powwow shop on this website.
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      or you can borrow it from a friend that dances or is connected to dancing or heck just has a copy!If you intend to use the bustle construction area and you are looking to make a tradishional bustle then a few things need to change on the instructions, like for instance , you don't usually put hackles on tradish bustles , most tradish dancers now don't make they're feathers straight , alot do but most around here don't ,in tradishional dancingyou only have 1 bustle instead of double. there are a ton more things but I can't name them all.good luck.


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