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  • roaches

    Ok, I need to know how much the Lakota porky roach fans down in the front...


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    That depends on how wide your spreader is & how flat it makes your roach. (If I understand your question)


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      Howdy Eutrinka... Most (if not all) of the people in my community and the surrounding communities view the powwow reglaia as a sacred form of self-expression-no matter what style it is. Tradish's comments about the spreader determining how the roach stands/lays/sits are right on.

      Given that, I'm going to say how your roach lays is up to your own personal vision and tastes. I've seen them standing straight up in thr front as well as squashed all the wya flat (and everything inbetween) Good luck!
      Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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        I saw your post about roaches and different methods of wearing them. I have a preference to have the roach sit up with a slight overlay in front. You may have seen roaches that hang down low in front, that may be the way the roach is designed. If you look at the top of he roach, you will find that the bases (round part in front) are made narrow and others are made wide. Also some have long guard hair that naturally will hang down by its weight and the number of hairs in its individual bundles. Just a precaution on the roach spreader, remember that the porcupine hairs when dried out become brittle and any sharp object roach spreader will wear and cut the hairs. There many ways to express your pride and each on is special.



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          Hey... well the roaches that I have seen are big.My dad makes them made one for Ruben littlehead that one is huge. Ardell was goin to get one but things came up. well that is pertty when you have a really nice roach
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            how you want a roach to fan out is mostly personal preference or tradition but alot of it has to do with how the roach is shaped and as stated earlier the hair will get brittle with time if not taken care of so be careful of how much you have your spreader push on the hair i hope this pic shows up but this is one of my roaches without a spreader
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