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    Hi, I'm posting this question for a friend who wants to start N. Traditional dancing. Is the Crazy Crow bustle kit any good, easy to understand, produce a good bustle? Anyone used it? Thanks!

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    Bustle kit options

    You may want to check the archives on this one.

    I did put together a bustle kit for a friend of mine and I had to make adjustments for his size. I followed all the directions and honestly I could have made a better bustle. And if you get the kit expect to put some time on it. It is not a one afternoon project.
    You get what you pay for. Tatanka Traditons has some that already made up and a good starter for the beginning dancer, you may have to pay some though.

    My 2 cents worth.



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      Some good tips from old pros in that archive thread!!!

      You may also check out NocBay, they have kits that include everything needed to put together a single or double-row bustle.

      I bought a base, a set of predrilled spike rods that fit over the wire hangers and the plastic feather loop material for my son's first bustle (It ran me less than $10 total).

      NocBay's kits cost less than Crazy Crows too.
      Double row with Brown Tip Jumbo Wings or Bald Eagle wings is $118 (also includes fluffs, trailer, horse hair, felt dots, etc).

      Single row Adult size is $59.

      Personally I think you are going to be better off without using a kit. C. Scott Evans Tradish Dancer book has pretty good instructions and the rest folks here on the boards can help out with.
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        I thnk a kit is good to start with, although I used the Evans' book and secured all my materials on my own. TAKE YOUR TIME with the bustle. Evan with taking your time, doing things by the book, etc. you will still make mistakes and find ways to improve your bustle the next time around.


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          Tatanka Traditions does have a real good bustle. But I could'nt see paying the money for it. A few of my buddies have them and I just took those ideas and used a few of mine over the years and it turned out nice. For a beginner I would just skip the kits and study more on other bustles there is a lot of good knowledge on this site as well as others.


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            Well, I got the C.C.T.P. (Crazy Crow Trading Post) bustle kit with immature golden eagle hand paints... hopefully I will be able to post a picture in this thread in a couple of days threw 2 weeks. I suggest that if you get that kit you drill holes with a 1/8" drill bit. Drill holes close to gather around the rosette were the bottom of the primaries are. Then take 2 oval shoelaces and start weaving the primaries into the base. It is hard for me to explain by typing. I hope when I get a digital pick I can post it. And in between the extensions were the buckskin lace goes through the extension place 2 to 3 pony beads. It will evenly spread the feathers apart and also making it stay more open. And when I mean open I mean open! Doing this the bustle will stay wide open if there is no bad wind that day. If you are dancing at an indoor competition that bustle will stay wide open. And yes it does have a swing to it. And at the bottom area were the primaries tie together add swivel snaps (the kind you use for fishing leaders).

            Just a note that it is a grate bustle kit. Go with this one if you are going to buy a bustle kit.

            I hope this has been helpful,


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              "Making bustles from a kit is like learning to sing from a video."
              Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                nice attitude


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                  bustle kits

                  Well I was just saying that I got that kit. And I am planing to make a second bustle out of the largest turkey feathers that I can find. Now that I know how I should make a bustle I can make a better bustle than I have just made. Just today I was working on the uprights and the primaries. I am making allot of adjustments... and I personally agree with GJJudd has a good point, that bustle kits are good for beginners like me. For me it is the never-ending quest to make and adjust the best bustle I can make! I say beginners like me, go with the kit! Then after a while get out those instructions and refresh your self, then make a bigger bader bustle!

                  That’s my opinion,


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                    IMO, hand paints are NOT good choices for bustles. Once they get hit and the webbing breaks at the paint, it's over. That feather will NEVER be right again. My bustles take a beating, just like ALL of them. I just can't bring myself to buy painted feathers for a bustle. Now, if you're going to do a multi-row bustle and put the paints on the inner row, fine.

                    But think about this, every time I dance, I have to preen my feathers. If I used paints, I'd be REPLACING feathers every time I danced. That'd get expensive at ~$4 each. Not to mention a HUGE pain in the ***!

                    My advice would be to stick with the natural feathers. They're more durable.


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                      Bustle kit options


                      Just curious. On that bustle did you add anything to the ends of the feathers like horsehair, white spots or ribbons to the tips?



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                        On my bustle, yes, there are leather spots and white horsehair.

                        And to clarify, I've never had a bustle done of painted feathers. I've only decided that they're not worth the effort and cost considering the beating my bustles take. Don't get me wrong, my bustle is about 7 yrs old and still looks good. I just know that a painted feather bustle would not have held up that long.

                        It's a Rick Witt (Tatanka Traditions) bustle. Rick does excellent work, however, I am starting to lean toward using a smaller bustle. I think the size of mine is one of the reasons it takes such a beating. Some kids just have NO respect for your clothes. Some powwows, I won't even wear my bustle in intertribals.

                        Honestly, to answer your initial question.....
                        The CCTP kit, from what I've heard, is a good STARTER kit. keep in mind that it's just that..a STARTER kit. I think the directions and materials have changed a bit since I bought one at the very beginning of my dancing. Scott Evans, I believe, had a big part in the improvements of that kit. Rex Reddick went to him in efforts to improve his kit.

                        Bustles are not my forte.. I CAN make them. It's just that I have quite a few friends that are EXCELLENT bustle makers. When I need a bustle, I'll work trades or other deals for bustles in lieu of making them myself.
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                          I bought the crazy crow jumbo immitation eagle bustle. I like it but I would only buy it to learn on , I'm making a new bustle soon and am making it from the instructions from 3 diferent bustles types .

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                          Rob Young


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                            Bustle kit options

                            Hi all

                            On that Tatanka Traditions bustle that I own, it has not given me any problems. I have taken it to Alaska and Hawaii and is easily broken down into parts for easy packing. Right now I have a full golden eagle and the Spanish black bustle that I trade off when I dance.



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                              bustle tip decorations

                              Yes I added weight buckskin spots (I traced a penny for the spots) and I added weight horsehair to the tips

                              Hope this helps,


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