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    Just curious as to what you fav. CD is to practice to. Is there one CD that has it all????? Sneak-ups, Crow-Hops, Duck and Dives??? Any suggestions??
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    Yeah, I'm looking for a CD that I heard about a few months ago with all Sneakups on it, but I can't remember who it's by. I'm sure it would be great to practice with.
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      I've got a few Gathering CD'S that I put in my player and program in . That seems to work good. I'd like to have some good suggestions.


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        There are very few CD's that have everything. I would not recommend the "World Best Men Traditional Songs" Compliation CD. It needs to be renamed "Two or Three Alright Songs with Filler".

        Listen to good drums, and shop around for recordings that have the songs you are looking for.
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          Hmm... one cd that has it all. Now you have me wondering...

          My favs: Can't go wrong with Northern Cree, Starblanket, Whitefish bay (the older stuff) and of course, Northern Wind! (from my neck of the woods, so you know it's good ;))

          As far as practicing, if I want to try out new stuff and just have a good time, I try to get out to a mini-powwow (one evening events) around the city. Lots of the Indian schools and a few drum groups have them on a monthly or even a weekly basis!

          Keep em dancin boys!
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            my suggestions-

            Northern Cree:
            Second Song... Dancer's Choice

            Tha Tribe:
            Mad Hops and Crazy Stops

            both have all "trick" (second) songs and they're good to listen to if you want to practice on all those different types of dances.


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