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    Hey there everyone

    I'm a teen dancer who has been dancing for about 5 years. I finished everything else for my beaded set except the vest. After taking a few months off from working on crafts, I think it is time to sink my teeth into a beaded vest. I have no clue how to start! Should I buy a vest and then bead it? Should I make the vest?
    Any advice or help would be good!

    toksa ake

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    I've seen quite a few different approaches to beaded vests. I guess the first question would be to ask you what material do you want to use for your vest? Buckskin? Canvas? Broadcloth?

    I enjoy doing beadwork (especially lazy stitch) on canvas. So, when I start my own beaded vest, that's how I'll do it. Judging on the BEST way I've found for myself, I'd bead the vest in pieces. Many items, as I'm sure you know, are beaded before they're constructed (mocs, pipebags, etc.). I'm sure you'd agree that it's easier to bead on an item that's not yet assembled.

    Out of the beaded vests (modern vests) that I've seen, most have been done on canvas.

    The way I was thinking of doing mine was to bead the bulk of the vest on canvas, and then assemble it, binding up the edges with binding tape, lining it, etc. I've never done this, but these were some of the methods I'd run across while researching making a vest of my own.

    One idea I had would be to find a vest that fits like you'd like your beaded one to fit and use it to make your pattern for the beaded one.

    Just throwing some ideas out there. I hope it helps. Also, I'd appreciate it if you'd post up any ideas you have on your own vest construction. I'm sure there are other board members that may be curious about this topic, also.

    Good luck


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      I wanted to post this link of a friend of mine's beaded vest.

      Maybe it will give you an idea of how it's put together and help you in the construction of your own.

      and a pic of how it looks being worn
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        Beaded vest


        I had to laugh when I saw your post of my vest. LOL! Yeh Michael sold the set to me a few years back. I did get to meet him at the Gathering last year in Albuquerque. Small world.



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          Yeah, I met Mike through some mutual friends. I didn't realize he's sold that set. I knew he was working on a new one. I wonder how it's coming.


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