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    A Post about Roaches, Mandans, etc. that I did started to make me think.

    I am sure that many have noticed that the American Indian Powwow Fashion has many similarities to the regualr fashion industry. Such as abrupt changes, what is in and out, and the bringing back of older styles or retro.

    Well The Retro Look is in for the Powwows.

    Just this past year of 2003 I have noticed the Retro look of:

    Pheasant Feather Butstles and Arm Wheels - a look before the 40s for both Chicken and Traditional Style.

    Fancy Dance Leg Wheels - small wheels worn at the knee - a look common around the 20s and 30s.

    Dyed Long Johns - instead of leggings - a look used as far back as the 19th Century.

    Short Fringe - the really short 2-4 inch fringe on aprons, yokes, etc. - going back to the 1890s.

    Dance Bell Harness - all the bells on the harness much like used for the horse, worn lengthwise down the leg - also used in the late 19th Century.

    Feather Crest Headresses - a crest of feathers instead of a roach - seen as late as the 1890s.

    Not sure if any of these Older Styles will make a big comeback or not but it is great kind of neat to see them.

    Any other Older Things that you have noticed?
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    Two big things I've noticed-

    The Leg harness bells and the short fringe. The fringe on my friends yoke is only like 4 inches long. I see almost all yokes now a days with short fringe


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      Pheasant Feather Butstles are a big thing that i have seen comeing back............ it seems that the chicken dancers have just takeing over up north.... and it seems to be working its way down south a little at a time......... just the other weekend i was at a dance....... they started a chicken dance and a lot of the other dancers wernt to sure of this i travel both northern and southern powwow hwy. I get to see a lot of diff. thing.......................................... good post Tom :) :Thumbs
      "Suta Waci" Dance Hard..... dance for those who can't dance and the ones who danced before us...


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        Stove Top Hats or Top Hats

        How about this?

        A friend noticed two Traditional Dancers recently with Stove Top Hats or Top Hats.

        I have to say I have not seen that in decades and decades. You see it in a lot of paintings and early photographs from the early and middle 19th Century.


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          i've noticed at a couple of dances the "old-style" bustles. i think it's cool that those are coming back. recently i've seen a couple of pictures of this little kid wearing a top hat. he looked pretty cool.


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