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New styles out west?

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  • spottedeagle
    Nate there was a post on them a while back, it's probally in the archives by now. When I get a chance I'll see if I can find it and post the link here

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  • Nate Brown
    Thanks for info........

    Thanks for the info on the fringe. I think that is what I'll most likely end up doing now if someone would tell me about those crowns I would greatly appreciate it.

    Nate B.

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  • B_BlackBull
    1/4 Ribbion works great....... I dance more of the Lakota style Northern Traditional.....w/ the round bustle.....but i fringed all of my bead set w/ white, red, orange, and yellow ribbion.... it gave my outfit good flow... and the brite white ribbion makes my bead set stand out.................... :) Toksa

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  • Nate Brown
    started a topic New styles out west?

    New styles out west?

    Hey all you tradish dancers that live out west or that head west for big powwows. I need to know some of the things that are new out there. WOrkin on finishing a beaded set shortly and can't figure what I'm gonna use as fringe. I've seen 1/4 ribbion and was wondering if thats coming into style. So if you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Also never could figure out the crown on the roachs. Wondering if anyone knows about them and could possibly tell me how to make them.

    Nate B.

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