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  • storm
    Check out the on line digital libaries of photo's. at the Peabody museum of ethnology. Smithsonian. Or just Google in the image section, then search thru the photo's I would stay away from Western authors or artists, they tend to take "artistic liberties."
    Remember, this is a birth to death lifestyle not a weekend with the Indians....

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  • GJJudd
    Also check you libraries, both public and college. The Smithonsian did a book on SE Indians under Swanton in hte 1940s. I bet they had other researchers do work on other areas as well. I found acopy in a public library.
    In my wife's library at the community collge, they have a series of books with lots of good photos AND a book to make "costumes" for theatre (I know what you are thinking, I thought the same thing until I started looking at the book, very informative.) The author did her homework, lots of good decriptions based of individual nations regalia and a few good drawings and pics.

    Also look at books with some of the art by western artists who did portraits.

    Hope this helps

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  • Tom Iron Eagle

    There are a lot of websites with all kinds of things. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain funny. The good thing is that practically all have some kind of information that one can use. For example: Even some of the really bad ones have at least one or two good pictures of real stuff or they have one or two good ideas.

    Native Tech is a good site with lots of information. Not much as far as pics but it does have good research. Most don't like it because it is a great deal of reading. South Eastern Cultural Society has a good site too - especially the reading on Traditional Seminole and Creek Clothing, it is all South East but has some information on Finger Weaving which is seen across the country.

    Lots of Artisans sites are good for Plains Clothing. Search for Artisans that specialize in Plains Quillwork, Shirts, Dresses, Moccasins, etc.

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  • trtl182
    started a topic need places to research

    need places to research

    im looking for websites or books t o find pictures and information for plains style clothing and items...anyone have any suggestions?

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