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    I went to GON this past weekend and Look Out.........Ralph Hammond is dancing golden age! He was awesome. He placed low, but he definitely going to be tough in this category,as he was in the younger. The straight dancing in golden age is really getting tough, anyway, since the old school dancers are moving up into it. I am looking forward to watching this category even more!

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    I know what you mean!!! I watched Ralph and Vernon at this past december 'Eloska, man those guy have skills...Everytime I watch the tape of that dance I see them and I see me and think to myself...I WISH!!! LOL Oh well maybe in time I will get to be as good as they are...ok maybe not...LOL
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      Straight Dancers

      Yeah I always enjoy watching Ralph Hammond and Vernon Harragarra dance. And their regalia all coordinate , not thrown together. Both are well respected in the powwow circle, throughout ndn country


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        At IICOT pow-wow in Tulsa, Ok, I saw Ralph Hammon do the most disrectful thing I have ever seen. He was streaching before the contest. And touched his eagle feathers to the ground. I remember when that would stop the dance! Apparently eagle feathers on the ground is no big deal anymore!!
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