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  • Inlonshka 2005

    Hominy this weekend, and Pawhuska is June 23-26. Who else is coming? Hope to see many of you there.

  • #2 sure theres enough grape dumplin's to go around!!!


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      I was at Grayhorse dances - always nice and good to see friends & family !


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        I hope to be at Pawhuska but may not be able to get there until Fri if at all. One of these years I'll be able to just go to all the dances I want.


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          I wish I could be there with you guys. I must work this week, my leave was canceled. I know that Osagesooner and his family will be there. I had hoped to be there myself, even if just Fri and Sat. I guess not this year. When I do get to go I dance for Pawhuska. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and Prayers. Dance well my friends.


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            "Cher-O" you really missed a good one this past weekend.
            Sat. nite, if I heard right 334 Straight Dancers/1 1/2 Chicken
            Was kinda hot but a great time dancing, I came home kinda sore.
            As for "Osagesooner" his family treated us great like always and his family that cook are just unreal.
            Seems that every year you meet old friends and of course
            make new ones.
            Great Dance!
            this is all i have to say


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              Boy Howdy. Guys, I wish I had been there with you all. I bet the Inmates where I work wished I was there. I was a real BEAR all week and weekend. Sorry I missed dancing with you all.

              WollyRider49: Did you get enough Grape Dumplings or did they run out?

              I hope to get to visit this weekend at Quapaw. I'll be in our camp Fri evening, maybe in time to get to dance a set or 2. I'll at least be there in time to stomp dance. I should get to visit with Osagesooner down there. Anyone else going, i hope to be able to visit with you as well?


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