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  • Roach conditioner???

    When I was given my roach several years ago it was mentioned that I should condition it with something. I haven't felt the need to until now and I am not sure what to use. I have heard lotion and then brush/ comb with a baby comb. I have heard mink oil. I have heard hair what do you all use to condition your roaches or do you ffind it necessary? Thanks! OP1
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    Yeah.....don't let the hair get too dry and brittle or your roach will fall apart. A friend of mine recommended Vitalis oil for men. I used it and it made my roach nice, supple and shiny. Try it!!
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      My son's roachmaker recommened pure lanolin. Works great but smells funky.


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        My dad is a roach maker and we use lubriderm lotion. Put it on both sides of your hands, rub and then start at the base of the hair w/ your hands lightly pressed together and gently pull up.


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          I use Infusium 23 leave in conditioner. But I've heard of cedar oil, skin so soft horse mane conditioner, ad nauseum. I will say this though: a friend of mine uses his dad's 30+ year old roach and it is in great condition. Every month the takes care of the roach.


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            Using conditioner on the hair of a roach, whether deer tail hair, porcupine guard hair, or turkey beard hair, is a good idea, but keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way. You do not want to slather it on, and make a gooey mess. You want the hair to be moist enough not to become brittle and break, and yet dry and lite enough to bounce and sway as you dance.

            I condition my roach only once a year. I boil a kettle of water with olive oil mixed in the water. I hold the roach over the steam, and the moist steam heat helps the oil to be absorbed into the hairs. I try not to brush my roach, as this may pull and stress the hairs, increasing the chance of hairs breaking, or even having the knots come loose. Instead, I gently separate the hairs with my fingers, or sometimes I may use a tooth-pick.

            Lastly, storing a hair roach properly will always help increase it's lifespan. I keep my roach formed around a cedar post, and wrapped with an ace bandage.

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