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ruffles and sneak-ups

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  • ruffles and sneak-ups

    this weekend at a pow-wow the teens had an exhibition with a nothern sneak-up and i was wondering throughout the powow what would straight dancers do if they contest or exhibition to a ruffle (southern) or a sneak up (nothern) would they jump,spin and end with splits? lol :Chatter

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    Uncle Joe loved to do them. He would get down a little and shake the bells and to the sneak up he would dance like a straight dancer only crouched. It is hard to explain in words you realy need to see someone good.


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      If a straight dancers got a sneak-up then the would not go down but kind of walk around looking for the trail but they would never go do on one knee.


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        ruffles and sneak-up

        Don't know about WAAAAYYYYYYYY back. I'm old but can't remember that far back. Before my time.

        But to answer your question, yes. If you are up north dancing at their pow-wow and they sing a sneak-up song you so you dance their way or if you at any pow-wow and you get a sneak-up you just dance it. As for ruffles, again the answer is yes. At a man-dance they sing all songs such as ruffles-trot and just good ole dance songs, wow-awesome, expecially on saturday nights when there's about 2 to 3 hundred dancers.

        Opps! on sneak-ups, no straight dancers don't get on a knee like tradish do.
        this is all i have to say


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          Straight Dancing

          I am just putting together a Straight Dance outfit and do not know how to dance. I am a tribal member but was not raised to go to pow wows and at my age 56 yrs, I want to dance. I need help to learn to dance any suggestions, I have heard to dance a Straight it is more of a slide step, Someone clue me in on the ends and outs of the proper dance steps. Also, How does one go about getting introduced into the circle? Help this NDN.
          Sonny Arm IN Trout


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            Sounds as if I've been doing this thing wrong for years. I and many of my elders when given a sneak-up will do the sneak-up. I always thought we went down on one knee to seek the track as would a Northern Tradish. I have even noticed some northern tradishes don't always go to a knee either.

            We do dance to fast songs also. The only thing is that we don't spin in complete circles. I don't think I could do a split anymore if I had to.

            Just stomp 'til sun up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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