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  • Ribbon Work????

    My son is just starting to dance. I am making him a Staight Dance Suit for Christmas. I ordered the pattern and material from Gray Owl. The pattern itself is easy to understand. It's the ribbonwork that I'm having trouble with. There are about 6 examples of ribbonwork patterns that can be used, but they are not explained very well. I know that this is a VERY important part of the suit and I want to make sure it's done right. Does anyone know where I can find more information about ribbonwork designs, patterns or anything? The examples shown are "Osage Style". Is there other styles that can be used? I just need some direction in this. Thanks for the help!!!

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    Thanks for the link! That really helped a lot! I think I'm starting to figure this out a bit. You can either cut and fold (which is what I was/am trying to do) or you can just sew it on (which is a lot easier). Again thanks for your help. Guarenteed I'll be back with more questions!! :D


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      You might want to invest in a little iron. They sell it for quilting but it is excellent for ribbonwork. The part you use most isthe point of an iron and that can wear your arm out. This iron has just the point. Joann's has them and I have seen them in Michael's.


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        Cool......I saw one of those in Joanns last week when I was looking for ribbon. They had it with the quilting stuff. After reading all of these posts and things about ribbonwork....I'm ready to get started. Now I just need to wait for all the ice to melt here so I can get out! We've got several inches here!


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          Mini Iron?

          Are you refering to the "mini iron" that looks like a soldering iron? If you use it I assume there is a low setting for acetate so you dont melt your ribbons.
          One thing at a time...


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            Yes on both. Saves a lot of arms and burned fingers. I can actually talk on the phone and do ribbonwork with it.


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              I think if you use Taffeta, buy it off of the bolt and cut your own strips. This is really easy and more cost effective. I have had satin ribbon work also but it doesn't seem to wear as well. You can purchase Taffeta ribbon from Crazy Crow.

              Make a template to give yourself a guide and have some patience. I believe you can obtain a video tape of ribbon work(Osage style). You can also buy a paper back book with ribbon work in it.

              Good luck.


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                Bob - thanks for the advice. I have learned so much from reading some of the posts on here. We've been snowed and iced in for 3 days so I have plenty of time to read and do some research about this. I've already picked out the color and ribbon that I'm going to use but after reading I think I'll let this be my practice one. Everyone has been so hoelpful....I know I can do this!!
                I am going to use Taffeta on the real one I think. It just sounds like it's easier to work with than the ribbon. Now if all the ice would melt off my street so I can get out and hit the stores!!!!!:3:


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                  Sit and play with the ribbon to see the placement. You are supposed to have contrast across the rows. Two colors of the same density of color can nullify each other.


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                    Originally posted by CHEROSAGE
                    You can also buy a paper back book with ribbon work in it.
                    Cherosage, What paper back book are you referring to?
                    One thing at a time...


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                      He maybe referring to "Scarlet Ribbons"


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                        The video that someone mentioned does not have any how to in it. It is a nice video, and shows some nice ribbon work in it......
                        If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
                        Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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                          Dear KarateMom, I do ribbonwork for straight dance suits, and I enjoy teaching people how to do it also. I would be glad to show you how to do ribbonwork if you want. I can honestly say that people can tell you how and give you pointers, and it just won't click, but the minute you see it, it all just comes together and you will understand.
                          I am out of work untill about the first week of Jan with a broken foot, so I'm working on a new set right now. Would be glad to try to help you (would also give me something to do and keep the insanity from boredom off one more day!!)
                          I know it can be spooky getting together with someone from cyber world, but if you want, you could check up on me with bwhite, the fancy dance moderator(who is a budding ribbonworker by the way) or Old Man who with his wife make beautiful ribbons, or even the webmaster, who does nice ribbons also.
                          I don't know what part of the country you live in, but I'm in Charlotte NC, and will be glad to help any way I can!
                          Hope to hear from you,


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                            Actually I'm in Winston-Salem, NC so was are very close together. I've found some help to at least get me started but at some time I would love to spend some time with you and see what all you have and have you help me. Maybe after the holidays??:D


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