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  • Just a Happy Holidays

    I just wanted to say "Happy Holidays" "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years". I wish everyone a fun and safe holidays.

    By the way Just find a stomp and dance 'til sun up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    When you read this don't take it the wrong way I'm not here to fight with you! Be for you give someone the Osage ribbon work or for that matter any WA-ZHE's way you might tell them that the woman who made this was trying to give back to the Wa-ZHA-ZHE Ni-ka /Wa-ko (Osage men,women). This matter is at the top of the my people gossip list. Some say that the women showing how to do the ribbon work have taken some of the other familys designs and my family is one of them that have this problem. This makes me upset to be honest. So when you say to use the Osage ribbon work tell them that they may inadvertently use someones family desins. It does make some Wa-Zha-zhe's mad to see people give this away like we was at wal-mart.
    You say that you are Wa-Zha's what district are you from. we might be from the same one? Like I said I'm not here to fight with you but let you know that they are taking away from the Wa-ZHA-ZHE Tho-ze (Osage Heart). Your Wa-Zha-ZHE Wi-zhi


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      Well, I have been gone for a while but I ain't dead.
      I want to wish evveryone merry christmas and a happy new
      year, and say I am back. A HO!


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        Welcome back Daryl P I hope things are well with you now.

        I wanted to say I've been down a couple of days myself. I didn't disregard Thekeenest question, I answered it in a pm. Basically I responded that I had reported in an earlier response the family ownership of certain ribbon patterns.

        I also told him of some of my family. I dance for Pawhuska and the Revards, Smiths, Browns, Woolerys, and the line from Wana Washashe family's.


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