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    Does anyone have a trick for keeping neck scarves from showing fold or wrinkles? I usually iron them the day before the dance but then have no way to transport them to the powwow easily without folding it pretty small, then I get fold creases and wrinkles.

    Any help here?

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    A trick I picked up - iron with light starch, take a dowel rod as wide as the scarf and roll it up on the dowel. Keep it on the rod this way - lay the scarf-wrapped rod on a piece of cling film and roll the cling film onto the rod. Done, doesn't take up much space, no folds and (if you're careful with the rolling part and used starch with the ironing before putting it on the rod) no wrinkles.



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      Awesome idea Between2Worlds. I usually will iron mine and just clothes pin it to the hanger with my shirt. But I like your idea as it takes up less room! Thanks for the tip.


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        How about this?

        How about using a travel steamer? The only problem would be having the 110v plug in.


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          There are adaptors for you car that will convert the 12volt DC cigarette lighter outlet to a standard 120volt AC wall-style outlet. Any electronics store should have them.
          If the pow wow is at a campground, just make sure you've got a site with power (or steam it in the bathroom).
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