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    What articles/accessories do you enter the Circle with? What makes it unique?
    To get a true picture of your purpose in life, you only get the whole picture when you listen with your mind, your ears and your heart. This way The Creator has a direct connection with you and only outside interference.

    When you follow the will of IT that created you, understanding that your purpose is not for you...but for IT and all that IT has created, there can be no wrong except failure to be obedient. Only then do we jeopardize the gifts we are given.

    Its not the final destination that defines us, rather the journey taken!

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    i carry my beaded tail stick with a smal eagle feather set and american flag on it, a small beaded bag that i keep money in and either my flat fan or my wing fan


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      A blanket may not be considered an accessory by some, but it is either worn or folded and carried, as you enter the circle. It is then placed on the bench, folded, to mark your place. Not to be crass, but I try to remember to go to the bank to get a bundle of single dollar bills for giving. The head singer, especially, at the present day, prefers small bills, because they are easier to divvy up amongst the singers.
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        ...Since I don't own a fan yet,I'm what you call a"two sticker"...I carry a buffalo horn club,and a horse dance stick,made for me by good friends of mine,a shield painted with an Apache Ga'an dancer on it,money and tobacco pouches...and a special pouch to hold my asthma inhaler in case i get wheezy during the dances!(laughs)....keep smilin'1


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          I usually only take a flat fan, mirror board and a bag for the wallet and keys. A seat blanket is important but at the bigger pow wows, we usually set it out first or sit in the lawn chairs if the arena is filled. Formals I would take a seat blanket in with me. Don't need much else I don't think.


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