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  • Fat Albert
    I know a couple of people that make custom sets. Drop me a PM if you are interested. As far as cost goes it depends on the work. I like the good southern look that is back hammered and has a simple design. Crazy Crow only does stamp work and no cut outs. I thought I had heard they were running $225 for a set. I have seen custom basic sets start at $250 and more elaborate sets go around $400. I would expect around 22 plates in the set.

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  • creecher119
    hey try this guy J. Silversmith hes a little pricey but does only custom work but has several pictures to chouse from

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  • TWDBear
    Re: Silver Hair Plates

    Originally posted by saponi
    Anyone know where I can get a set of silver hair plates?

    I got mine almost 10 years ago from either Crazy Crow or Wandering Bull (i don't remember which one) and they are still sold through both catalogs.

    There are some silverworkers who will make a custom set but they will charge a LOT more.

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  • Tom Iron Eagle
    Silver Drags

    The Silver Drags are really Cool - especially if they are graduated in size and you have them going all the way from your neckline to your ankles.

    Custom plates are the best way to go but they can be very expensive especially if you want sterling silver. The best place to find a really good Silversmith is to look at some Living History websites or go to a Living History Trade Show.

    I had all of my Silver work done by Silversmiths that I met at Living History Events across the country.

    Two lady friends of mine had custom hairplates made that are graduated in size that drop from the top of their head to just below the neckline. One had sterling silver and the other copper. They found a great Silversmith at the Kalamazoo Living History Trade Show.

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  • walela49
    If you can get a custom-made set for less money than Crazy Crow charges....YES, YES, us up!

    :39: :39: :39:

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  • saponi
    Yeah, I saw those. But I was hoping not to have to order them from Crazy Crow. I actually found this silversmith, I guess that's what you call them, in Ohio. I'll post the link later. But I'm gonna check their prices.

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  • luvstraightdancrs
    Crazy Crow has them -- like $186 for set. Have seen them and they are nice.

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  • saponi
    started a topic Silver Hair Plates

    Silver Hair Plates

    Anyone know where I can get a set of silver hair plates?

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