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Difference is Roach Feathers ?

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  • Difference is Roach Feathers ?

    I have noticed that while most Straight Dancers who wear the traditional single roach feather, will use a golden eagle "blade" tail feather (one of the two outermost feathers in the tail set). However, there are a certain percentage of dancers who wear the "center" tail feather.

    Anyone like to comment on why the center tail feather is sometimes used?

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    In this day and age it is most often what someone can actually get their hands on...more over weren't traditionally the inner feathers out of a tail used to make a fan with since they were larger.

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      Yup... I second PWbum's idea - there's lots of guys who have non-"blade" feathers...... and the idea about the fan makes sense too.

      12 feather tail - 1 blade for daddy and one for his son (or two for daddy - you se that more and more), one of the center feathers for the wife (plumes for the daughters) and that leaves you 9 keen tailfeathers for a fan.....
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        yeah, since theres two center feathers why not use one for the roach?
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          I've not used a "blade feather" for straight, but in my olden fancy dance days, I used two nicely matched ones with the rocker.


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