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  • Dance Trailer Designs?

    Recently, I was asked if there was a specific reason for having three design element sections on a Straight Dancer's dance trailer.

    I do not know if there is a specific reason for the designs used on dance trailers, so I thought I would toss it out to the forum for input.

    Please keep in mind that some dance trailers have applique beadwork, and not ribbonwork designs.

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    I've also seen trailers with two designs instead of three. My wild guess is that the ones with two designs are worn under the back apron while the ones with three bands are worn over the apron. Maybe it is just a matter of how much fabric is visible for decoration.


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      I have this theory that I've been pondering about trailers and the whole thing with there being three rows or two, of ribbonwork, beaded applique, etc.
      Its very simple. What if it's a hold over from the days of the Crow Belt? Think of the rows of feathers attached to the trailer. I've examined photos of several existing examples of crow belts. All seem to have at least three rows or more of feathers down the trailer portion.

      Just a thought. Someone could probably think it thru to another level.
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