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  • Roach Length?

    Hi all! What length of roach is good to start with? 18? 20?

    Thanks alot.

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    I still dance with my 18 incher that i've had for the past 10 years, and it's still standing tall. Of course it helps if you take good care of it, etc.

    I love my tipi's. I'll never be homeless with them.

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      i'm going to get an 18" roach for my straight clothes. actually, 15" roaches look pretty good with straight clothes if you have some really tall hair in the front.


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        Mine is 18. Always will be. It's a very special number to me. :D aaaaye.
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          That helps me out a lot. Ive seen some crazy long ones. I didnt know what was good.


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            I would recommend that you talk with some of your friends and ask if you may try theirs on. For some people, a shorter roach may better suite them while a longer will do the trick for others. Myself, I'm about an inch or two under 6 foot tall and my roach is either 20" or 22"; I can't remember right off the bat. But, there is no sense in getting a roach when you have no clue what-so-ever how it may look.

            Getting an idea of the length, then the design of the roach base, hair length and color, etc. I think are good steps to getting your own personal roach. Something else you may want to think about when deciding how long you want your roach is whether or not there will be any significance to how long, what color, etc.

            Hope this helps!



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     big a guy are ya??? I've seen some 18 inchers on some smaller fellas and they look like thier wearin 22 inchs. Myself I wear an 18 inch roach, my first one was a 15 inch and was nice and full so it looked good but not near as good as the 18's do (well for me). I agree with an earlier comment on trying on a few of your friends if they'll let ya, try a few out and see what fits you. Either way ya can't lose so long as you got a nice full/even roach!!!
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                I have a 15" and a 22" Roach along with my Bacon-Rind(Otter Turbin). I wear the one my boys don't anymore. I was given the 15" one as a boy(Roached). I bought the 22" when my oldest son was Roached with my 15" one. Now my youngest son wears the 15" Roach or my Bacon-Rind. My 15" Porkie is old but still in good shape.

                I like the idea of trying some to see what is good for you.


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                  As you can see Jason posted under my screen name. No I'm not a cross dresser! LOL!!!!!! Although I have switch danced with his roach before! :D


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                    Well Im not all that tall. 5'9 or 5'10. I am a big guy, I dont think that will make all the difference though. I guess Ill just check my friends out though. Ive borrowed them a couple of times.

                    P.S. I just realized that a put a "thumbs down" up there. That is not at all what I meant. Sorry about that.


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                      Roach Length

                      In respond to the roach length inquiry: If you have a pumpkin head and body a short stubby roach will look like a toupee on a bad day.

                      What style of dancer are you?


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                        Well, as a roach maker let me chime in here.

                        There has been good advice so far and especially to use some friends roaches and see what you like. Roach length is defiantly dependent on a few things but most of all personal preference. Other things that dictate roach length are dance style, tribe/society preferences, body size, where you plan to wear it on your head (forward or farther back at the crown) and how much cash you have.

                        I say that last one because the longer you go the more they cost, not to mention if you want longer hair or extra rows. As for were you plan to wear it on the head farther back usually means one doesn't need as long a roach. I mention the tribal preference cause if you ever go to HoChunk country you will see lots of Tradish guys wearing turbans with small round roaches sticking out of the center of it and in Osage country you will see lots of Turkey beard roaches or short (10-15") red roaches.

                        My first roach was an 18" and I danced fancy at the time, but the tail of the roach kept getting down between my upper bustle and my neck and rubbing me raw, so I made myself a 22" roach and that was long enough that the tail hung down into the upper bustle and solved my problem.

                        Now days I dance mostly straight and tradish but I do have a grass set I wear from time to time. I still have that 22" roach and wear it from time to time but all my other roaches are 20"ers. Now they have some pretty big hair in them and extra rows so they look big up front, but the 20" size is a good all around length for a guy my size (6'1" @ 200 lb.)

                        At the size you said you are an 18" might be a good place to start depending on the other variables I mentioned above.

                        Hope that helps

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                          These are some very good words of advise. I must echo the thought of the cost, especially if your economics is simular to mine.


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                            Roach Length

                            Besides the obvious cost consideration, the length of the roach should first be dictated by the style of dancing you are doing and what is appropriate for that style. I assume that since you posted your inquiry under the Straight Dancing category, that you must be a Straight Dancer. If that is true, then you have two possible choices.

                            A traditional looking set of straight dance clothes, in which a 10" to 15" long turkeybeard roach would be very suitable, or contemporary straight dance clothes in which an 18" - 20" long poqupine guardhair roach would be very appropriate.

                            The only other factor to consider is whether you will attach the roach using a braid of hair and a roach pin or use the tie string around the chin method. If the hairbraid and roachpin method is used, the roach tends to sit back further on the crown of the head, whereas if the string around the chin method is used, it will tend to sit higher on top of the head. In each case, the length then becomes a factor.

                            Lastly, I would not be concerned about your height and weight as it relates to the overall appearance of the roach. It's how you dance that makes it look good, no matter what size it is.

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                              powwowbum49 is working on my roach now and i should recieve it soon. it is a 22 inch. I can't wait to see it.
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