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    I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any good videos out for Straight Dancing. Just some cool highlight videos, not really instructional ones. Ive seen ones for every other style it seems.

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    straught dancing

    You could try They have some videos that show the old dancers at dances. The mens and womens tapes vol 1 has good clips of straight. Most of those dancers have passed over since the tape was made.


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      wont you buy video from like Denver march or GON or somethen like that nature. Just a thought
      everything needs a bit more taste that's were Spicy comes in


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        Just to see what trends are going around.


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          You may try "Into the Circle". I'm not sure how many tapes there are on the market now. Check out the store for videos.

          You may also try some videos of the southern Powwows that may be for sale/borrowed.


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            Sorry webbie. I forget you have all that stuff now.


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              Wow. Technology today...who would have thought you could learn how to straight dance from a video? I wonder what the old heads would have thought about that?
              Personally, I think you should get your info from an elder, a staight dancer who was brought into the arena during ceremonials that take place just for that dance. Try Pawhuska, Fairfax, Hominy, Pawnee or WhiteEagle during Heluska. There you could see 300 straight dancers who have never contested but know all the songs and the origin of that dance.
              Or you could buy the video. LOL


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                Up here in Indiana we had a few good straight dancers and I talked to them, but none like waht you would see at White Eagle and places like that. So I watched the videos of Abe Conklin, and Paul Roughface, and Jonnie Hughes and people like them untill I was able to get out to Oklahoma and see them dance. So I would recommend Into The Circle, and Native American dance Styles 1.

                If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
                Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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                  Im not wanting it to learn how to dance. Just show I can check out different peoples styles. Its not easy to make all the dances around here, Texas is huge. Everyone dances a little bit differently and I think its fun to check out different peoples style.


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                    straight dancing

                    May 3, 2003, West, Tx. Lone Star War Dance Seciety is having

                    there annual dance, Hetduska Dance. You will see quite a few

                    different dance styles. Nothing but straight dancers, afternoon

                    dancing, evening meal then, dancing til?

                    I'm going!
                    this is all i have to say


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                      Saturday April 19 at 3PM EST
                      The World of American Indian Dance
                      1 hour
                      Don't know what all it will have.


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                        Abe Conklin, Paul Roughface were my uncles, blood uncles. Johnnie Hughes is also my uncle on my otoe side. I have seen straight dancing since before I could remember.
                        I was taught that the straight dance is a very sacred dance, the origin of it, the songs made and sung just for those dancers.
                        I could get up on my soap box and preach it forever, but I will say that study it, know what you are doing before you venture into it and come into the arena the right way.
                        Our dances are vital to our existance as Poncas and Otoes. We don't share them loosely, we originated that dance and so when we see straight dancers....we know what and why they are dancing that form of dancing. The words to the songs talk about these men who dance this dance.
                        I am all for keeping this dance alive. Study it thoroughly and enter the arena the correct way and this dance will take care of you throughout a lifetime. It will be a blessing to you.
                        I know, I have seen it for 37 years. My dad danced this dance since before I could remember. Enjoy it and keep it alive.


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                          Well ya'll I will be there at the Texas hethuska too. I have not danced since all my health problems last year so I am looking forward to dancing and getting that special medicince that is created in that circle. So I look forward to meeting you all who will be there. I am the large guy in the yellow suit sitting with the white bear group.........TMS
                          If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
                          Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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                            Hey T-mocs:
                            Glad to see that you will be dancing again. Enjoy yourself and strut some moves. Wish I could be there with you all but you know how it is. I still have to pay some bills.


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