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    Originally posted by rwgirl View Post
    Abe Conklin, Paul Roughface were my uncles, blood uncles. Johnnie Hughes is also my uncle on my otoe side. I have seen straight dancing since before I could remember.
    I was taught that the straight dance is a very sacred dance, the origin of it, the songs made and sung just for those dancers.
    I could get up on my soap box and preach it forever, but I will say that study it, know what you are doing before you venture into it and come into the arena the right way.
    Our dances are vital to our existance as Poncas and Otoes. We don't share them loosely, we originated that dance and so when we see straight dancers....we know what and why they are dancing that form of dancing. The words to the songs talk about these men who dance this dance.
    I am all for keeping this dance alive. Study it thoroughly and enter the arena the correct way and this dance will take care of you throughout a lifetime. It will be a blessing to you.
    I know, I have seen it for 37 years. My dad danced this dance since before I could remember. Enjoy it and keep it alive.
    Well said.

    "Be good, be kind, help each other."
    "Respect the ground, respect the drum, respect each other."

    --Abe Conklin, Ponca/Osage (1926-1995)


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