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What is a roach costing these days

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  • What is a roach costing these days

    where buy your roaches?
    Noc Bay?
    Crazy Crow?
    Is there any other places available?
    What is considered long hair?
    Do the colors cost more?
    does long hair cost more

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    I really don't think you can go wrong with independent makers. I would recommend Powwowbum49 from here on the discusssion boards. He makes some NICE roaches.

    About the prices, that depends on what you want. The long you want, the more it will cost. The longer the hair (and or more) the more it will cost. I think more colors may be a factor as well. I've seen some people with beaded roaches. Yet, another expense. If you know what you want (and what will look good on you) then you will know what you are looking at. The thing to remember is that these people are specialist and often times they will be fair about the price they ask.

    Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day.




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      Hey Larry! Hows' about a 5 - 10% fee for a referral?


      I'll gladly take credit ;)



      p.s. The roach is holding up wonderful, and beautifully!


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        LMAO.....What you jonesing for another one already?

        Jonie J

        From the most part places like Noc Bay and Crazy Crow buy the roaches they sell from guys (and gals) like me. I used to sell to both these places, but no longer do. I can't keep up with wholesaling large scale to places like that and still meet retail orders.

        There are several folks around like myself that make and sell roaches. By that I mean folks that do it for a living. There are also many more folks that just do them here and there. I cannot address who all the other people are that make roaches, much less how reliable they are business wise. Of the other makers I know, there are only a few I would recommend based only on the work I have seen them put out, but then I can be a bit picky too especially about roaches.

        As for what is considered long hair...well, that all depends on the size of the roach you are looking for. Normally once you get to 9" hair and above that is when the prices really start to go up. The Longer you go the more exponentially it tends to increase. As for colors costing more...I can only speak for how I charge on that. You can get a roach in any color I sell without an additional charge just for it being red or blue or whatever. When you do get charged is when you want more than one color. I charge an extra $5 for each additional color.

        If you want I can email you a price list, just PM your email address to me.

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