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  • mounting hairplates

    what is the best way to mount a set of hairplates on leather or broadcloth

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    The term "best" might be subject to different interpretations. However, I can tell you that to the best of my knowledge, mounting hair plates on a leather strip is the older, more traditional way. Whether or not it is the best way, may depend on the dancer.

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      I'm not really "crafty", but I was gifted a Comanche made set that is mounted on selvage broadcloth. The cloth was folded lengthwise in thirds to give it some thickness and substance and to make it 1" wide. It was machine stitched lengthwise near both edges. Each concha was tied on with a leather string through two awl made holes. In my experience, if the knot is pulled too tight, it causes twisting of the cloth; not good. At the bottom, it looks as though a 5/8"D x 1 5/8" dowel was inserted and surrounded by the cloth and beaded over. The beadwork is of the "brickwork style". Depending from the bottom of the beadwork is a tassel of flax colored mane hair 4" long. The selvage hanging from the beadwork is cut into 6 strips, 2½" long and covering the top portion of the tassel. It is all very neatly done.

      P.S. It helps to make a rawhide "washer" having two holes to receive the leather string ties on the reverse side of the material.
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