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  • Straight Dance stick

    Hallo all
    We would like to know- looks like your straight dance sticks?
    May be with foto-we want to make right.
    Thanks for examples
    Meine MySpace URL

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    3 Examples of Straight Dance tail stick beadwork

    "Be good, be kind, help each other."
    "Respect the ground, respect the drum, respect each other."

    --Abe Conklin, Ponca/Osage (1926-1995)


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      Originally posted by HighWolf View Post
      Hallo all
      We would like to know- looks like your straight dance sticks?
      May be with foto-we want to make right.
      Thanks for examples

      I personally don't like them longer than 24 inches in length. Long enough for me.

      Although, some older Tail dancers, Comanche's, Ponca, and Osage have given me sticks that were longer than that, especially one from a Comanche relation that gave me one that was 36 inches long!!!

      Here's an example of a stick I did and sold on Ebay earlier this year.

      It's approximately two feet in lenth, and around three fourths inches in diameter.

      It's made from two sections of a shotgun cleaning rod, for ease of transport when travelling and you need to fit it all in a suitcase.

      Sticks now resides in Massachusetts. It's got a twin in Texas, Dallas to be specific. But, that one's a bit different.

      "This next song goes out to some girls in dot com. They don't know who they are, but, it doesn't really matter anyway."

      "When the God's wish to punish us, they grant our prayers."

      O. Wilde


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        whats the difference?

        is there a difference between a tail stick and the one you have pictured ? i have always been confused. I know you must be given the right to carry a tail stick but what about just a regular dance stick?


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