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  • where are they now?

    this thread is something like the tv show on e channel. where are they my first is where is Jerod Buffalohead at and does he still dance and if not why? if anybody knows. it would be cool to see that guy make a come back.

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    The last time I saw Jarod and Jason they were going cross country singing. I know that Jarod and Henry were/are very good dancers. I still like to dance with Otto Hamilton and family, Lee Twohatchets, Lee Lawhead, Erwin De Luna, Francis Sweetwater, Melton Cunningham, Melvin Kerchey(sp). I liked to watch John Hughes, Woogie Wachaticker(sp), Charlie Chibitty and many more that I just haven't mentioned.


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      well u asked

      well my brother is gona be indesposed for a minute. so u asked where he is and if you hadnt heard the crazy news, then i dont know where u been.


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        Originally posted by ANGELO View Post
        well my brother is gona be indesposed for a minute. so u asked where he is and if you hadnt heard the crazy news, then i dont know where u been.

        I heard the news.

        A real shocker.

        I sang with him at White Eagle over the Christmas holiday.
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          Could somebody tell me the news or pm what happend to Jerod. I havnt seen him in a long time, think the last time i saw him was at Hinckley in 2000!!
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            You can google Jarod Buffalohead Lawrence Kansas.


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              What up WhoMEEEEEEE? What's happ'nen up North?

              I heard about this, too. Dang.
              "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible." ~St. Augustine


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                SAD how people destroy their lives doing something stupid.

                Duo ordered to trial in beating death at mobile home
                Judge reduces charges against defendants
                By George Diepenbrock

                March 18, 2008

                A judge this morning ordered two suspects in the beating death of a Lawrence man to stand trial — on reduced charges.

                Douglas County District Judge Robert Fairchild ruled this morning that Jerod Buffalohead, 36, and Shanna Friday, 37, be tried on one count each of reckless second-degree murder. The two are suspected in the Feb. 2 death of Jerry Deshazer, 62, at Deshazer’s mobile home in southeastern Lawrence.

                The two had been charged with intentional second-degree murder. And this morning — at the conclusion of a preliminary hearing — Amy McGowan, a chief assistant Douglas County district attorney, asked the judge to order a trial on even stiffer charges, felony murder. McGowan said the defendants had tried to rob Deshazer.

                But Kay Huff, Friday’s attorney, said there was no true indication that robbery was a motive in the killing.

                “It looks like this is a group of people sitting around drinking, and drinking too much, who make some provocative remarks and a fight ensues,” she said.

                The judge agreed.

                “I really don’t think there’s any evidence that they intended to rob him before they beat him,” Fairchild said.

                The judge ordered the two back in court on April 3, when it’s anticipated he’ll set a trial date.

                A reckless second-degree murder conviction carries a prison term of about nine to 41 years, compared to 12 to 54 years for intentional second-degree murder and 20 years to life for felony murder.

                On Monday, an eye-witness, Jarvis Jones, testified he had been drinking at Deshazer’s home and woke up from a drunken sleep to see Buffalohead punching Deshazer. But defense attorneys questioned how trustworthy Jones was because he’d been drinking and he didn’t help the injured Deshazer.

                “The court can take into consideration the credibility of that witness,” said Kip Elliot, Buffalohead’s attorney.

                Detectives testified that Buffalohead told them he hit Deshazer — to defend himself and Friday.

                Dr. Donald Pojman, deputy Douglas County coroner, testified this morning that Deshazer died from blood loss due to blunt trauma to the head that peeled back skin on the right side of his forehead.

                Deshazer also suffered other facial injuries. Deshazer’s health problems, along with his 0.11 percent blood-alcohol content and his use of a pain medication could have increased his blood loss, Pojman said.

                Pojman also said the scene included trails of blood throughout the house, which made it a confusing scene.

                “There’s a lot of questions on the scene that I can’t put together and say this is a nice easy thing that happened,” he said.


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                  Originally posted by oklahoma pride View Post
                  this thread is something like the tv show on e channel. where are they my first is where is Jerod Buffalohead at and does he still dance and if not why? if anybody knows. it would be cool to see that guy make a come back.
                  Dang Jerod i cant believe it


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                    Angelo: Please let Jarod know that I have prayers going up for them. Are they going to crt together or trial separatly? I will keep him in my thoughts.

                    Thanks from the Bob Woolery family.


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                      You cant always believe what you read in the papers, especially what you hear! If you knew the truth you would be surprised. Just sayn that what is in the newspapers is not what really happened.


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                          Originally posted by AEB View Post
                          Please pray for my Daddy, everynight and as often as possible.
                          The stuff in the newspaper and on TV is not really what happened.

                          -Alia Buffalohead.
                          You all DO have my Prayers and thoughts, good luck Jarrod.


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