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  • Tail Dance this weekend?

    Does anyone know anything about a taildance being held at the Otoe Agency, Red Rock Ok, this weekend? ( May 17 or 18, 2008) Is the Otoe Ilonska sponsoring this dance?

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    The Otoe Eloska IS sponsoring this dance, it is set for Sunday, May 18th. The flyer says start at 2PM, there will be a meal and evening session. They are oing to try to dance at the grounds, depends on if the Encampment committee were able to mow and work on it with all the rain of late.

    They originally talked about having the dance on Saturday the 17th, but there was a conflict iwth other dances scheduled and members being committed to attend those.

    Come dance with us Sunday, we are hoping for a good turn-out. I know the singing will be good!

    You can contact [email protected] for any more information or [email protected]
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