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Straight Dancer Suit, Otter Tail

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  • Straight Dancer Suit, Otter Tail

    I posted in the Craft section and was recommened to make a post here in the section for help.
    I am switching from Tradish dancing to straight dancing. I am trying to learn how to make the Straight Dance Suit. I have a good handle on the leggins, Aprons and trailer but I need to know about the otter tail down the back. How is it made?
    Many thanks to all in advance...

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    This is subject to your preferance. I have seen some that are simply cloth backed to the shape of the Otter. Some have a trade cloth backing that has edging around the otter. some of these have nice ribbon work. Of this method I have seen some sown down. Some are loose on the trade cloth and tacked to the cloth by leather ties. We try to make it personalized but nice to look at. I hae over simplified this I know but sorry.


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      May I suggest you try the website for Whispering Wind Magazine. It may have in it some back issues that can be ordered with craft information you are looking for.

      Whispering Wind - American Indian: Past and Present

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        already covered??

        SDinAZ already covered this in your original post in the crafts section. What else are you looking for??
        One thing at a time...


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          post reply to otter drop

          the original way of making an otter drop is to find a whole otter the length from the back of your neck to your back of your ankles. the Otter head should be the top, and the tip of the tail should reach the ankles. the otter drop is suppose to be one whole otter, not cut in two pieces. The head and strip down the back of the otter to the tail the whole tail should be cut wide only thing should be not on the drop is the legs and the under side of the otter, which can be used on your otter turban, or if you wanna stick with straight dance tradition cut the under side into strips to hang of the arm-bands instead of ribbons. along time ago the poncas used the otter for the back drop, turban, streamers for the armband, and leg garters, and a harness. thats the old original ponca straight dancers regalia. For your Otter drop you can sew it to a red broad cloth or some material of your choice, that matches your regalia
          Old man Henrey Collins showed me how to make a straight dancers regalia, and told me the original way of staight dancers regalia
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            Otter Tail

            Many thanks to all that responded and your information is greatly appreciated. Between both posts I have enough information to proceed with the making of my straight dance suit.
            Thanks again


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