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  • regalia

    this is more like a test

    who can list the items in a straight dancers regalia.

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    Well diffrent people are gonna have diffrent answers beacuse not all tribes dress the same. Personaly I wear

    Roach feather, Spreader, roach, Roach pin head band, choker, a scarf set, Scarf slide, Bandoliers, ribbon shirt, arm bands and ribbons hanging from them, Belt, Leggings and Aprons, Bells, Moccs, hairplate dragger. flat fan, mirror board

    Other people may have an otter turban, breastplate, garters, otter dragger, Shawl wraps, No shirt, Vest, scalp feathers, wing fan, dance stick, purse bag, Earings, Bustles, bear claw necklace, cuffs beaded or metal, love feathers.

    Thats all I can think of right now
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      Almost forgot shoelaces and saftey pins


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        . . . and don't forget the duct tape. It is vital and essential.
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          nice pair o speedoes for the bashful dancers
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            Did the last three entries pass your test???????

            Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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              Don't forget my Otter dragger, how about the scarves for our bandaliers?


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                Nobody mentioned moccs! Can't have folks out there barefoot can we.


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                  No I siad moccs and mentioned the otter drag. As for the scarves on your bandolier I counted them as a scarf set cause you need 3 to make a set. So :Tongue


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                    Your right, I just need to read a little bit better. :Idea :Help :Blush :dontknow:


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                      Regalia Pieces

                      1. Hair Roach Headdress - Porquipine Guardhair or Turkey Beard wih Deertail hair.
                      2. Roach Spreader - German Silver or Bone.
                      3. Roach Feather - Preferably tail feather (blade).
                      4. Roach Pin, if attaching roach in the traditional way.
                      5. Scalp Feathers - Matching pair.
                      6. White Handkerchief or Colored Silk Headband - optional.
                      7. Fur Turban, in place of Hair Roach - personal preferance.
                      8. Face Paint - "Witch Paint" in corners of eyes, optional.
                      9. Silver Ear Rings.
                      10. Choker Necklace.
                      11. Silk Neckerchief, with Silver Slide.
                      12. Breastplate - optional.
                      13. Grizzly Claw Necklace - optional.
                      14. Otter Dragger
                      15. Bone or Silver Hairplates, in place of Otter Dragger.
                      16. Ribbonshirt.
                      17. Vest - 0ptional.
                      18. German Silver Armbands.
                      19. Crossed Bandoliers.
                      20. Shoulder Scarves and/or love bundles.
                      21. Silver Wristbands or Beaded Cuffs - optional.
                      22. Beaded Belt or Concho Belt.
                      23. Breechcloth or aprons with beadwork or ribbonwork.
                      24. Dance Trailer.
                      25. Wool broadcloth or hide leggings.
                      26. Finger woven Side Drops.
                      27. Finger woven Garters.
                      28. Dance Bells.
                      29. Moccasins.
                      30. Tail Feather Fan.
                      31. Mirror Board - optional.
                      32. Tail Stick - if given the right to carry one.
                      33. Whip or quirt - if given the right to carry one.
                      34. Blanket - Pendleton or broadcloth with beaded strip.
                      35. Lots of safety pins.

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