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  • Looking for someone special

    I met a dancer at the OSU campus powwow in Newark, Ohio this year in around march. We talked and saw each other back and forth for awhile then we lost contact of each other. I've been trying to get ahold of him but he has a cell phone and his number is not listed. His name is Ricky Hignite. He lives around Tipton, Indiana. He paints for a living and dances in many powwows around ohio, kentucky, michigan, and indiana. If you know him or know how to get ahold of him, please, please, please, email me at [email protected].
    I miss him dearly

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    I am sorry if this comes across as rude but...hmmm... I think the singles bar is in a different location. I don't know the dude but I have to ask... is this the best place for this kind of thing? Straight dance forum... not the lonely hearts club. Any one else thinks this dude probably does not want to be found? Maybe I should start advertising in the jingle/ shawl forum for a long lost snag?


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      HEY sometimes the last dance is the last Hope no old snags of mine come lookin for me...well, except that cute one from Alberta...he was cute..oh and that one from Duluth...Jeremy....he was EXTRA SUPA SPECIAL.....he can come looking for me! LMAO
      Ipsica Waci
      Wicahpi Eyoyambya Olowan


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        LOL ... well i jus googled his name ... theres a ricky hignite on the florida sexual offender list ... hope its not the same one LOL

        but ya ... jus wait and see ... if he wants to see ya ... i think he would have like looked for you or at least gave you his number .....
        Watch your broken dreams...
        Dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon


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          Looking for someone special

          I posted it on here because he is a straight dancer and was hoping that anymore straight dancer saw this and knew him, they could contact me. Unfortunatly, I'm not having any luck finding him myself, so I'm hoping by posting someone might see it and know him. It drives me crazy not being able to talk or see him.


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            "It drives me crazy not being able to talk or see him."

            Clearly. Why else would you write to a bunch of people you have never met about something that has nothing to do with them? I hate to tell you but my instinct without knowing either of you is that he selected to loose track of you. Either way this is not the place for this and it is disrespectful to this group in my humble opinion. Sounds like a baby's daddy thing. Isn't there a forum for that on Jerry Springer's discussion board?


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              Quit playing Fat Albert.... you know it's you she's looking for....


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                I guess your right, its not the thing to talk about on here. I guess I just give up. I guess there is no such thing as love if you don't get anywhere with it.


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