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    are there other styles of tab legging other than comanche or kiowa tab leggings and how do they differ

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    Originally posted by rodond View Post
    are there other styles of tab legging other than comanche or kiowa tab leggings and how do they differ


    Tab leggings have become the norm today.

    At one time, Kiowa (with a capital K) and Comanche (with a capital C) wore leggin's that had a seam up the sides of the leggin's. Where and when the idea of cutting leggin's with a tab occurred, I don't know.

    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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      Tab leggins have been around a while, but like others I have no clue when or how they came about. But like with other cultures in the world, I think someone tried some new thing when they were making there leggins. Or they did not have enough matrial so they used what they had, and made it work.

      But if you look at the second picture I have added, there has been a variation on the "Tab" leggins. I think that in Indian territory with the Kiowas and Comanches having contact with other tribes like Iowas and many others they made there own variation. Just my thoughts, but probaly wrong. LOL
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      If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
      Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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        I have seen pictures of Comaches at least with unfringed leggings that had flaps going down to about the mid-calf.

        What I was told when I asked about it is that the oldest style of those leggings was a solid piece- sized depending on how big the hide was but the larger the better I guess. Then somewhere in the late 1800's the flap started shrinking and more fringe got added.


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          that was what i was taught they took a whole hide wrap it around the leg with the front legs at the top and sewed the hide together to make the legging the two front legs made the flaps and the belly was fringed to the seam of the leggings ,the Comanche style was left plain with edge beading on the tabs where as the Kiowa style was was cut triangler with studs and beaded on the flap and edge beaded


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            Originally posted by rodond View Post
            are there other styles of tab legging other than comanche or kiowa tab leggings and how do they differ

            How do they differ?
            They came from different tribes.

            Tab leggings evolved and still are evolving. There is a lot out there and it all depends on the time period and the tribe you are talking about and the materials available to those particular craft workers.


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              that is what i am looking for how many tribes wore the tab legging and how did they vary and the history of leather legging vs blanket legging used by straight dancers
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                Well I'm just not sure how many, but some Osages wear Tab Leggins. I have seen some with the seem more towards the front. Mine are on the side and I have Turkey beards attached to the ends. The beards are beaded around the top on the leather. I have fringe from the knee down. The tab hangs down to about mid calf.


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                  Originally posted by rodond View Post
                  that is what i am looking for how many tribes wore the tab legging and how did they vary and the history of leather legging vs blanket legging used by straight dancers
                  I'm a bit confused by the question-
                  I haven't heard the term blanket legging used before- I presume you are talking about the wool tabs that the more eastern folks wear.
                  I have always been told that the modern tab legging style came from the Comanches and Kiowas, and came into their modern form with the 101 Shows and the like- since that long rolled fringe ain't real practical for walking around, but it looks great when you are on horseback.
                  As I was told- and there are folks on here who know way more than me and will correct me I am sure- the wool leggings came into fashion as a sign of wealth and prestige- wool had to be bought from traders, so you had to be pretty well off to get it.
                  And since it had to be bought it is more common with the tribes that had more trade- so the Osage, Ponca, Omaha, Mequakie and so forth.
                  Same logic can be applied to ribbonwork versus beading- beads are easier to carry and you can do beadwork in short breaks whereas ribbon work takes bigger blocks of time, more materials from traders, and so on. Also, ribbon work may have come in with the people from North and East that got removed, so again tribes with closer contacts with them like the Osage.
                  But today, there is so many mixed families, and exchange of ideas that ya you do see lots of guys in outfits that are traditionally associated with other tribes- personally I like the leather tabs in the summer, but have wools too and on a long weekend you might see me in both.


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                    from what i was taught the wool legging with matching aprons. trailer came from the eastern oklahoma tribes where the leather legging were worn more by straight dancer in the western tribes how true is this. was also told that the tab legging came from using the smaller lighter weight deer skin as opposed to using the bigger heaver weight elk or buffalo hides making them cooler in the heat of the area
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                      Out here in Oklahoma you see a lot of canvas tab leggings. Easy to work when you are adding your decorations, cooler in the heat, easy to wash and are very inexpensive. Perfect for young men that are still growing.

                      I think the important thing to take away is that yes, there are other types of tab leggings from other tribes. Otoe clothes come to mind first when you ask a question like that since they seem to have tabs on their front seam style of leggings. Pictures are plentiful if you look for them.

                      This is James Whitewater. I have seen leggings like this both in hide and cloth.

                      As for the type of hide used for the leggings, I would assume that the hide was specific for the reasons you mentioned earlier but a particular hide was also used to reduce waste. Each leg is 1 hide so use a smaller deer to fit right and you don't waste as much. The qualities of the hide also dictated the use so buffalo hide was the 'industrial weight' often found on older tipi covers and so on. Deer is much lighter and is good when braintanned for clothes in general.
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                        canvas leggings are awesome. anyone know the history behind them?


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                          I don't know the history of canvas leggings but I would bet that they started to use canvas once it was economically easier/cheaper than hides.


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                            the canvas legging came about the time indians were put on reservations and were given canvas to make tipi the leftovers were used because leather was harder to come by


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                              ingenuity is what its all about....


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