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  • Beadwork?

    I feel a little silly asking this but a very good friend and respected elder of mine is working on a new straight dance regalia and he has done a lot lately for me and to help me. I would like to make him something specifically for his new regalia but beadwork is my specialty and I would like to bead him something and have NO CLUE what is involved in a straight dance regalia. Any help would be appreciated. I don't want a full run down of the regalia, just an idea of something small I could bead him as a thank you.

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    a nice set of matching 1 1/2" rosettes for his bandoliers might work...or some gourd stitched feathers for his tail stick...a small beaded bag/pouch that he can carry a few dollar in for specials or a taco is another thing.

    There are lots of little beading projects on a set of straight clothes. Take a close look at the pics of straight dancers in the gallery and look for the small things that are beaded. You might find some keen ideas

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