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Straight-Dancing & Breast Plates

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  • Straight-Dancing & Breast Plates

    Many years ago there used to be these "old-time" Southern Straight-Dancers that would come to the Forksville Pow-wow.
    There was no mistaken that these gentlemen were "bloods", as well, there was no mistaken that they were very traditional in thier ways, thier mannerisms, and thier traditions.

    Thier regalia was immaculant!!

    As time has passed, I have noticed that many dancers have come claiming that they were/are Straight-Dancers - even though thier regalia didn't come close to the Straight-Dancers that no longer came.
    I noticed that the 'newer' Straight-Dancers often didn't wear ribbon shirts, opting just to wear a vest.
    I also noticed that, when the 'older' Straight-Dancers would come, they wore breast-plates that hung down below thier knees. They also carried beaded canes.
    When they danced, thier movements were quite refined and dignified - they were/are truly champion dancers, men to be respected.

    I have not seen Straight-Dancers like that in many years. The long breast-plates canes seem to have disappeared from the dance. The refined, dignified dance seems to have been replaced more and more by the 'glide' - which many have come to believe is the way of the Straight-Dance.

    My question: Are the long breast-plate and the beaded cane still considered part of the Straight-Dance regalia anymore? If so, from what tribe do they represent, or are they something that the dancers choose to equipt themselves with for unknown reasons?

    Thank You

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