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Otter Hats and turbans

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  • Otter Hats and turbans

    I have seen some pictures of otter hats worn by straight dancers. The best one show what looks like no top to it. My question is this normal or can the hat be made either way.

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    If I understand what you are asking, I think the correct answer is that those otter caps you are referring to do not have a cover. I have seen many of these caps from different tribes and although they have some differing styles all seem to be open at the top. Perhaps there is someone out there who has seen some other way of doing it. Hope this helps


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      The Otter turbins that I know of are all opened on the top.

      I believe that any turbin with a top on it may just simply be a winter cap.


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        otter hats

        Thanks to everyone for replying. I think I saw a hat worn by eastern tribes.
        I saw a picture of a fur hat many years ago. I think it was in Grey Owl catalog. It was covered with rabbit fur with mirrors or beaded rosettes with a feather on top. I think I have to do a little more research.


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          Hey Hey Hey! I don't know much but I heard those 'hats' were special. I like my roach personally.


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            Many thanks again to all who replied. I purchased the kit from Nac-Bay and it is almost finished. I will post a piclture in the contest galleriesd when finished and have a picture of it.


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