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Roaches, and mirror boards

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  • Roaches, and mirror boards

    Hi all,

    Well, I need help. I need to know how to "correctly" be a roach. And how do you measure it... I think you measure from the top of the head, down to the shoulders.

    And also I need to know if a straight dancer's mirror board has to have mirrors on it... Because I want to put some furniture tacks in a design on mine I’m making. :Help

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    Well Roach size is a matter of personal preference, if your a larger guy go with a longer roach, if your short a smaller on will work. Its not to hard to find a good length, your looking at 15, 18 or 22 inches. Myself, I'm 6 ft in height (and rather large in the middle..LOL) but I use 18 inch roaches. They have the length I'm looking for. I would suggesting checking with friends to see what size they may have and ask to try it on for fit.

    As far a the mirror board, I don't recall ever seeing on without mirrors. I've seen them with mirrors and tacks for decoration but never one with just tacks. Can't say its wrong because I don't know if it is or isn't, and I've never made one( Powwowbum can you shed a little expertise here??) Same as the roach I would refeer to friends or family to find out about the mirrors.

    I know its round about help....but its a start.
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      The roach length and size is your personal preferance. I have one that is 15" and the other is 24". I plan to eventually make a Turkey beard roach, I think it may be about 15"-18"s.

      The mirror board is just that, with a mirror. I think you can make a board without a mirror but it wouldn't be a mirror board then. It's kinda hard to check you roach to see if it is straight without the mirror. You can't check your paint to ensure it is still OK, either.


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        No comment on the roach bit.

        Mirror boards: I've seen them without mirrors, but it is very rare. The typical board has a mirror on one side and tack designs on the other. Southernstr8 is right about tack designs being on the same side as the mirror. I posted several examples in the galleries a while back and can repost the links if needed. If you don't have a mirror just use a tinted car window, it reflects pretty nicely. I use that about 95% of the time. Hasn't failed me yet.


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