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wich is better? deer hair or porky?

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  • wich is better? deer hair or porky?

    Well i need help agan.

    i need to know wich is better porky hair or deer hair.

    plz help me....


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    Yup! It looks like you CAN use some help.

    If you want a idy-biddy, short midget roach, I s'pose you can go with deer hair.

    But if you want a "MAN's" roach *L, . . . you'd better go with the porky hair.

    The porky hair is the tall neck hair of the porcupine. The smaller, colored hair is the deer tail hair.

    I have seen some killer turkey beard and horse hair roaches. But they belonged to serious dancers. . .
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      a roach has both porky and deerhair on it. There is no one or the other

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        Originally posted by WhoMe
        I have seen some killer turkey beard and horse hair roaches. But they belonged to serious dancers. . .
        I can't say I've ever seen a "killer" horsehair roach...or a serious dancer wearing one :p. Horsehair seems like a material you'd use if you couldn't get Porky hair or Turkey beard.

        I have, however seen some turkey beard roaches that had me drool!


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          seen a cool round horse hair roach many years back....
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            Personally, I just don't see the point of making a horsehair roach. Porky roaches are much superior, ESPECIALLY in the south! Around here, if you wear a horsehair roach in the summer, it'll be like you're looking through a black picket fence while you're dancing! Almost the same labor's involved in making a horsehair roach as making a porky roach -- and with labor being the MAIN component of a roach, why would you spend that time making a horsehair roach when you can spend that same amount of time to make a porky roach?

            True, the sorting of the hair is a pain in the arse... I just feel that if you're going to dedicate the time to tying a roach, tie porky hair. It's not like tying the horsehair will be good practice for porky. The technique is totally different. I've heard a lot of people say to tie the deer hair first if you've never tied. I'd agree. It's not as course and stiff as porky. Then again, I've heard of some techniques to deal with the stiffness of the porky hair while tying. I've never tried them, but some of my friends swear by them.

            Me, personally, Tying roaches is the ONE thing I won't do again! I'll bead, make mocs, sew, make bustles, quill....but I won't tie another roach! Leave that one to the pros! I'll happily shell out the $$ to buy a well-made roach. Beadwork and quillwork I'll do myself, NOT roaches!

            My $.02....


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              For a more traditional look turkey beard looks the best.


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