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  • reshaping

    My roach has some hairs that are laying kinda weird, and I was wondering if reshaping it would fix that. However, a friend of mine said that if you do that, then you run the risk of losing some of the color. So my question is whether or not that is true.

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    Try steaming it... use a pot/stove and hold the roach over the steam (about 10-12 inches above pot - wear protective gloves) until the hairs are warmed up. Then hold the hairs in place until they cool down. Should be good after that.
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      Roach Reshaping

      Try moistening a small area to see if the roach color(s) are colorfast. If it is colorfast, what I have done is to wet the roach and use an ordinary pocket comb to comb the hair until it is shaped the way I want it. Then put it on a roach stick or rolled cardboard secured with duct tape. Wrap an elastic bandage around the roach and roach stick and it should dry in the shape you want. Be gentle with it and you should not have any problems.


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