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    I am trying to get my family and myself involved in pow wow dancing. What is a good resource for the proper way to design and make the outfits, and dance techniques?
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    Here are some:

    1. This forum
    4. Talk to dancers at local pow wows

    Not neccessarily in that order!
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      Ummmm yeah what Paul said...hehehehe

      I would take things one step further and try and get to know some of your people. They can be invaluable for learning what you need to know, everything from dance style, traditions, how to make clothes and what designs you should and shouldn't put on them.
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        I see that you are Cherokee. Welcome to our home. I also am going to assume that you have chosen the Straight dance as the form or style of dancing for Powwowing. This is probably one of the hardest parts of starting to dance if you weren't raised up with this info.

        A good visual would be to perchase some video tapes of Powwows. I believe that Paul G has some very good sources in the store section. You should also attend as many Powwows as possible before making these outfits. Take some pictures of the dancers you most like, their permission of course. Ask around who others like the best and see if these are simular. They don't have to be alike, just simular. The best are or should be quite obvious.

        After you find the clothing you like watch the dance steps that seem to suit your abilities. We don't all dance the same steps but should have simular dance style.

        Next visit with friends and family and try to get some pointers.

        Please feel free to PM anyone that you want. Many have alot of good info.


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          new dancer

          Go visit the people who are the caretakers of that dance, since the Cherokee never were straight dancers.


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