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    how do you make a bear claw necklace(not sure if thats the rite work so please noone get mad)using an otter skin and a set of bear claws, Czechy said some of yall have mad them

    thanks for your help

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    Depends on what exactly are you wanting. Are you looking to make something that looks like a necklace or something else???

    Had a friend use an otter hide to re-fur his cleaned claws then use trade beads for decoration and spacing, and a tyupe of wire for stringing. Is that what you mean???
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      yes thats what i'm looking for


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        Small or Large necklace?

        Are you making a choker type necklace or are you wanting to make a large dance type?

        Necklace type would be OK, but if you are wanting to make the large one for dancing, DO you have the right to wear one?

        Our people on both sides can only wear one if they are either given one or a decendent of the chieftain line. Not everyone or anyone can wear one.

        Do hope that the necklace style is what you are making.
        this is all i have to say


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          Good thought, pawtoeman.


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            On the flip side of things, ANYONE where I'm from can wear a bearclaw necklace. Wether or not it stays with you however, is another thing. We have quite a few straight dancers, but we call them "freestyle." Some of them even dance with masks. Anyhow... just representing another side of the coin. :)
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