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how do you like to see a Straight Dancer move???

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  • how do you like to see a Straight Dancer move???

    I am a straight dancer and dance "normal" i have see so many diff. ways, i was just wondering what you like to watch or do?? And i was also wondering what all types of songs there are...i have always gone to southern powwows and was wonderin if there are more songs???

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    I think one of my all-time favorite Straight Dancers was Abe Conklin. He just glided across the floor.

    I also like to see the active dancers who can keep that SMOOTH movement.


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      I like to see them move....out the door!!!
      :Chatter :Chatter

      Just kidding. I like the high energy of Ron Goodeagle. I also like the "toe click" steps. Im not a big fan of gliding. Your wearing bells...make them move!!!
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        I personally prefer the smoothness of the great straights. I for one try to keep the smooth move.

        I don't care for the jackrabbit style of some of the straights out there.


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          I like the faster style, like Ronnie Dee, because that is how he has always danced and how he dances at homeat the Osage dances, as well as up north. He is classic in his movements. He dances straight with alot of energy and style.
          I like the smooth style too, like my dad Ronnie Harris, uncle Abe Conklin, Paul Roughface, Johnny Hughes(his was a little more fancy, but still smooth) and they all had a definite "straight dance" spinning circles dancing backwards,etc.(turning their backs on the enemy, so to speak)
          I also like the new dancers, because they are good too.
          Straight dance is a beautiful dance and no one dances it like the classics. ha ha
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            the gliders

            yeah i have to say Abe Conklin was a bad *** dancer. The real dancers have that glide step and that is the hardest step to get down. The reasons for dancers who put thier stick on the ground or go in circles are not cause they are running from the enemy its probably either a move or a specific tribal reason. remember they are in the dance arena, not the battle ground. It would be better if u asked those guys instead of criticise.


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              To say that the "real dancers have that glide step" is just absurd. That's just one opinion. The elders of my tribe have always told me not to "glide" or "skate" around and to never go in a circle, and these are "real dancers" who have danced most of their life and grew up around the arena or under the arbor. There are rules of etiquette to this dance that many oklahoma tribes agree on.


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                I prefer the guys who glide. Straight dance is supposed to be smooth. Not everyone glides, but they at least have a smooth graceful step. Those guys who are out there stomping and bouncing need to put on some feathers and dance traditional! Just my opinion.


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                  Ralph Haymond Jr.'s style is the best style i've ever seen. he likes to dance hard, but yet he's extremely smooth with his steps. he's a contemporary style dancer, but he doesn't get out of control at all. i think it's awesome!


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                    hi i m deaf i proud to be indian

                    hi i am new here i havent been around powwow alot u probably dont heard from california i am like as fresh as new they prefer called me sam aka rookie cause i enter and wins every contest so um i proud to be deaf and indian my tribe is kiowa i am host head man in livermore california i prefer raymond because he is the best straighter i ever see... so holler from california so um dont be afraid to ask me question i will be glad to reply
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                        If you want to see the real deal in straight dance, visit northern Oklahoma during the tribal pow-wow season. You will not see alot of skipping, hopping and carrying on. Just a very dignified dance that goes way back. From old men to the very young. It is a very honorable dance that signifies the tracking of the enemy. Personally, I think Ronnie Dee was a good straight dancer at one time, back in the day. Today, he has mixed his own Osage straight dance (yes, the Osages dance a little different variation of the straight dance as opposed to say the Pawnee or Ponca) with the northern traditional because he now dances northern traditional. Well, mix those two unique dance styles up and you see him kinda skipping and hopping. This is NOT an old style straight dance but a style that is becoming more accepted as people judging straight dance contests really don't know what they are judging. Now take a look at say, Ralph Haymond, and you will notice a very big difference. Just my opinion.


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                          Dancin' fool: I believe you and some others have hit on the truth. Many of the younger straights have varied off the straight ways because of the judging at the contest Powwows. Many of the committees choose judges that are popular people, and are really good people usually, that aren't sure of the truth in the dance. Visitors like to see flash so these judges pick the flash and popular family members for the winners.

                          To get the good dancing without much basterdised steps, you need to go to the Ilonshkas/Hethuskas. You can even go to many of the smaller dances that aren't contest and see many good dancers. I'm not about to say that the only ones at the contest dances are the fancy straights but you will find many at these dances.

                          Just food for thought. My opinion not what I was taught.


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                            Yup, I would say that most 'big money' contest pow-wows pick judges that don't really know the straight dance, often the committee will pick a group of judges that judge everything from tiny tots to golden age categories. I say this because I wouldn't know what to judge say with the grass dance, I understand that there is protocol with that dance. (Something about what you do with left foot, you must do with your right foot or something like that.) Anyways, anyone with any talent does not straight dance by flying around the arena pointing his dance stick in all kinds of directions. I come from northern OKLA where the straight dance is highly respected and there ain't nothing like seeing 50 straight dancers under an arbor. Just my humble opinion.


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                              I am new to this forum, so hello to everybody;
                              There are good observations so far. My Uncle Abe had style, so did my Uncle Owen Walkingsky, or Cololel Moore, dancers from the past. I think they would tell you that within the limits of the style there is room to express yourself. Also each type of song has a different energy as the dance progresses. Just look at Saturday night at Grayhorse. Slower tempo songs, charging songs, and Trot songs, you dance different on each one. Contests are a show. Most contest dancers I know don't dance the same way at Hethushka, or lNloNshka. remember there was a time not long ago the singers were experienced enough they "scheduled" the songs to get you fired up at the right time. Thats rare these days.
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