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  • best competition for straight dancers.....

    Just curious, what powwow(s) has the best competition for straight dancers? Would it be a small one in oklahoma or a high stakes casino powwow?

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    Best Competition for Straight Dancers

    Oklahoma has some good size pow-wow's along with the smaller one's. You will find that most of your straight dancers that are Straight Dancers will dance mostly in Oklahoma and close surrounding states that like good ole straight dancing.
    This is only my opinion but I do understand that at these Big or Little Casino's that have Straight Dance Contest, most of the judges don't really know what they are looking for in a Straight Dancer because most don't know nor have they been around to see what straight dancing is all about.
    Now, as far as your Casino pow wow's go, the understanding that i've heard(never been to a big casino pow wow) is what most look for iswhat I call "Flash and Dash", speeding around the circle, putting you dance stick to the ground and making a full circle around it. I've had to laugh when told how some of these dancers dance and again when told how the dance the Trot songs.
    Tradition and respect for the dance and the way your suppose do refers me to my ole friend "pawtoeman", while dancing up at Denver March, he walked out of the circle because he stopped two beats to soon, now my friend that's protocol. Didn't mean to say so much, hope this helps you.


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      I kind of agree with uppit, don't we always have to agree with our uppits.

      It will always depend on who is judging. The small local dance or the big casino dance. Any dance can have judges who are looking for an older style and by the same token can have judges looking for the newer styles.

      We also know judges are not completely unbiased in their judging, they like certain styles and certain people.

      The one thing about a small dance,though, assuming fewer dancers, is it is harder to hide. If you overstep or get off beat everybody knows.

      With that said, I like them both. Some of the best songs are sung during the contests as well as trot songs. You also have the whole arena with everybody dancing hard. Good times.
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        I would like to step in here if I may.

        I have not danced in a Casino Powwow yet. I have danced in BIG and small powwows. I personally prefer the smaller ones. they tend to be more personable and friendly. I have danced IICOT, Anadarko, Red Earth(a long time ago), Quapah, Copan, etc., etc.. These Powwows are not even anything like an Ilonshka. I know that a lot of Ilonshka dancers will not dance at a Powwow. I think that if more Ilonshka dancers would venture out to some of the even smaller powwows these new straights would be able to see the difference in the straight styles. The style that is correct and those just for show or flash. I agree that often times at a contest the Judges that are asked to help may not truely know about Straight dancing. They seem to go for the flash. And, as for everyone seeing you in a small dance vs a large one, who cares. If I were to overstep an ending then it is up to me to know the difference and bow out. I know if I overstep. I was at a very small dance and just for fun decided to contest. The drum was playing around with the song and I just over stepped to their ending. I stepped out of the arena, and one of the committeepersons came over to me and wanted to know what I was doing. I told her and she tried to tell me it was OK and come back into the arena so I could place, I refused. She did end up giving me something for going out and dancing anyway. I did take the gift but only not to insult her. I gave the gift to the drum anyway. It was their song.

        I'm sorry for rambling. just my insight. thanks.


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          Hey all,

          I'd have to agree with everyone here. Any contest Powwow in OK is going to have some great straight dance, simply for the fact thats where the majority of 'em live. I can't say anything about the big casino powwow because I haven't had the opportunity to see one, but given the location their could be enough dancers to make it interesting.

          For the judging aspect, I can deffinately agree that most of these judges don't really know how the straight is suppose to be carried off and will tend to go for either the flashy or well known dancers. My 2 cents is, if you can't bring yourself to dance comtemporary then don't do it, stick with the traditional straight as it was meant to be; if you were meant to win that dance you will.

          We the unwilling, lead by the unknowing, have been doing so much with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.


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            I do not know where to contest..I do know where to dance.
            I have danced at 100's of dances in the past 38 years that I have straight danced (yes, i fancy danced a while). I have contested only 4 times, including one large eastern contest...( I got 'talkied 'into it) I won 3 and came in 2nd once..and I did NOT feel good...(yes, I took the money)
            Contests just are not for me... Many of my relations are very competitve and have been champions, that is OK they love it ...
            and everything everyone has said about style and judges seems right on.
            My bark is worse than my bite


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