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    I am just recently rediscovering my partial navtive American heritage. I have, over the years made regalias and learned to dance. I am a golden ager that needs a little help with my current regalia. I need to know how to make a basic yoke. It seems easy enough but a pttern would be a great help. It will be decorated to match my aprons.:Idea
    Many thanks in advance

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    What kind of yoke are you talking about? I have never seen one on an Oklahoma Straightdancer nor have I added one to any of the many outfits I have made. The only ones in Oklahoma with yokes are fancy, grass and traditional. Straightdancers usually wear a vest (if they like them) or just ribbon shirts and bandoliers and breastplate. I make my husbands clothes the way he has always worn them and he's been straightdancing for 40+ years.

    Let me know what you have in mind and maybe I can help. Just my thoughts!


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      Are you calling the piece on a shirt pattern that goes from across the shoulder blades to the shoulder a yoke?


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        yoke pattern

        For Luvstraightdancer ans Beth,

        A traditional outfit yoke that fits over the head and shoulders with a front and back. Some times square shaped or v shaped, Czechy gave me an idea on how to desgin a pattern in another posting. I you have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks loads


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          Glad you got some help. I guess you threw me with the question about a yoke in the straight dance section. Straight and Traditional are two completely different dance styles - regalia included. Again, glad you got hte help you wanted.

          Keep going towards the circle!


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            Tecumapese: I couldn't help but revive this topic.

            Have you ever seen a straight dancer with a yoke? I know what you are referring to but haven't seen anyone around here wear one. Old North Eastern clothing had yokes but we don't do that any more. You may want to consider watching a straight dance vidio tape and see what these dancers are wearing.


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              Thanks Cherosage,
              Yes it is for a fancy dance outfit not a straightdance. However I really don't like the yoke and I am making a ribbon shirt to wear with the breastplate. My style is actually traditional so the ribbon shirt will work. Thanks for your reply.


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