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  • cd's at gatherings

    new to the powwow world.

    Canyon Records debut Northern Crees new cd for the second year in a row at GON. if i remember correct Red Rocks didnt come out at Blackeagle powwow but was availible at GON. Both cd's are very nice.

    Bear Creek also showed their new release on Canyon Records at GON. i needed to hear some jamming songs for the ride home and they delivered. i recommend this cd.

    other cd's avalible were from midnite express, war scout, cheevers from thunderhill has a nice NAC cd out. that might be my new fav cd.

    there was others like eyabay that had a cd. if anybody knows how i can get one let me know.
    thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

    *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*

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    Scroll down to the bottom of the page

    Native American Music Awards - HOME

    go to music store and then in the search engine type in eyabay!

    this site has lots of great cd's for the must have collection!

    Listen to my heart, not just my mouth! The most powerfull thing we can do is,,,share,,, if we don't it dies with us.

    It is the year of the bear, I am sharpening my claws and will no longer tollerate harrassment.

    Born in Winnipeg raised in the Pikwakanagan, Deutschland was never home! Army brat that had no choice in a parents duties to home and country. I Too Serve our flag and work for the uniform.
    Stand behind our troops or stand IN FRONT of them.


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      yep i got a nice cd collection. i prefer to buy first from the group cause its tough these days. afterwards ill buy from a retailer
      thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

      *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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        Cree Confederation had there new one out at Gathering too! is what it is...


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          Good Looking out you guys!


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            GON released their cd from this past yrs show.

            and the theres alot of nice songs on there my fav
            recording from the show is on there. headstone sang
            a killer intertribal sat night and i say was the best
            song of the wkend. their recording is better than
            mines *L* matter of fact its recorded in techy
            surround sound.

            yeah and on headstones song you can hear the
            dancers dancing jus hard. the floor at GON makes this
            sound and its on there. listening to Mandarees
            jingle song is fabulous! i find myself listening to the
            jingles and then back to the song, then back again.

            if ya gots a nice system and good ears haha check it
            out nice and loud.
            thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

            *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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              Just in time !!!
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