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    Omaha at Bismarck when the power went off in the 80's and they sang some "old love songs"!!
    Shuck thems were the times!


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      Ojibway all the way!

      well i went with the Ojib's but thats because most of the BAD AZZ singers that i've heard are Ojibwe..but i'm not blind so i do see all them other dope azz drums from around the trail. not gunna name any cuz i don't want to miss some. lotta love for my natives no matter what nation.


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        Blackfeet has a awesome sound


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          Who knows?

          I think all tribes have the own unique style of singing, but also there are alot of tribes that have adopted other tribes style of singing, so you could have southern tribes singing northern and northern singing southern, blah blah blah.



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            My peoples

            Boozhoo niji,

            I got to stick with my homies up in the north, and vote Ojibwe, I have sat with these guys, and I cant keep up with them.

            Oh yeah and we build awesome drums too.

            I believe in something I want to believe, not what someone wants me to believe.


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              Originally posted by T. Jude Fox
              The Mandan & Hidatsa's sure got rhythm, style and not to mention all them Original Northern Original Songs.
              not too foget the newtown drum.
              sigpicMITAKUYE OYASIN... "then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all , and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world . and while i stood there I saw more than I can tell . and I Under Stood more then I saw . for I Was Seeing in a Sacred manner the Shapes of All . Hehaka Sapa. dec 1863-aug 17 or 19 , 1950.. listen online TO KILI 90.1 FM porcupine butte


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                Originally posted by Ta'neeszahnii Techno
                The Yeii-Bicheiis can outsing any tribe ... go Yeiis!
                GO YEIIS!!!!!!!


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                  Ouch! But I gotta say it is hard to pick between Cree and Blackfeet in my book. My favorite Drums being Northern Cree, Kicking Woman Singers and BlackLodge
                  Damme ape’semmai, "Andabichidaiboonee’ gimmadu’i.Wihyu memme hainjinee’ nahandu’i. Enne wizha sudei’ tsaangu mabizhiahkande," mai.

                  The Creator said, "A foreign race of white people will come, who will become your friends. You should treat them well."

                  The Creator sure had a strange sense of humor!


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                    The Ojibwe aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllll the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      of course~!~! :)

                      course the very next would be **CRee/Sioux** those2 pretty much level off on top if u ask me~!~!
                      their all good but those r my pix~!



                      ..Estayapi..Mandaree..BLACKSTONE ..HIGHNOON..


                      LynxClan..N0rtheRnCree..Tatae`Topaw..MeskwakiNatio n..

                      Eva-Hey Nakota
                      NorthernWInd ojibwe plainz
                      RIP lil brother


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                        The Cree are originally good singers. People would come to Canada just to hear some good drum groups. But now it looks like everyone finally learned how to sing. Singing is singing not yelling either or shouting, or having 10 to 12 guys at a drum. Eyabay was the first bad *** Ojibway drum group as I can remember. Now there is some more bad *** Ojibs soundin pretty good too.


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                          Hey! I thought were all skins on this site? Everybody's talking who's better or who's not!! Man, Some of you people are just plain rotten. BIAS! Who cares who's better, every tribe has their own style. Ojib's are reconizably the better side step singers; due to the fact of the jingle dress origins (songs). Crees can claim the double-beat round dance songs. Blackfoots can sing better chicken dance songs because their are certain songs and beats. Souix can sing some bad *** traditional songs because they have the origin of the traditional dance. Mandan and hidatsa's can sing better grass dance songs and i don't even have to explain why!! Crows can sing better double-beat crow hops because thats their style and so on with the other tribes.... The bottom line is i like to jam to groups who know the original styles of the song and how its really done. But we all adopt one another's style and some actually do a really good job! Ya'll catch my drift.


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                            I would have to say the Plains Cree.


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                              Crees. Crees. Crees. We're not some bad dancers either. I like to say I have my own little drum group and I'M lead singer. Who would've guessed? Theres 3 blackfeets, 1 hopi/sioux guy, 2 chippewa cree guys, and me. I'm the one who got these boys into singing. But I'm from canada, and thats what my family is into.


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                                For me, I have to go with the Cree. They have some very strong vocals!
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