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    Originally posted by tiBBy
    I thing CREE boyz can SANG! geez....up in the northern alberta/sask area they all jammmmm....and the rounddances are DOPE
    so's in our genes


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      i would say the drums like Blu Springs and Blu Thunder that come from the Hopi Land. the best would be 4rm the Hopi


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        Best of Tribe Sinnging

        I'am part of Drum Group Called Lynx Clan, I like to say this to the Ojibway Brothers and Sisters, Lynx Clan family, Whitefish Bay Ontario. Peter and Tommy White are among the original Whitefish Bay Singers. The singers of Lynx Clan do not use drugs and alcohol.

        Lynx Clan is often called upon to sing the original jingle dress initiation song. Members of the drum also perform the various ceremonies of the Anishinabe and continue to share the traditions, culture and spirituality when requested.

        Jessie... P.S. Check Out Our website
        Boozhoo People, I got a name for my Drum now It called LynxSoldier alot people like that name here in my Area and other rez around Area.


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          Originally posted by Native 1
          I think everybody can sing...but I voted for sioux= lakota, dakota & nakoda..b/c almost every drum group out there has sung a 'sioux' song so thats how n why I voted. N I have to disagree about the sheer numbers of cree b/c there are nine sioux reservations in SD, one in NE, 4 groups in MN, 2 in ND, one in MT, the ones in several provinces in Canada. But, most of our drum groups don't travel the circuit but they do however still maintain the strong traditions of composing songs and carrying on the other traditional songs. (Songs that have words..)

          I agree with the sioux because, we have many songs out there but we dont go putting them on cds. and we have songs for special reasons.


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            disclaimer...first I agree with all that powwowchem said... now having said that I gotta share my bias generalizations as an ojib why ojibs blast the best. It’s a preference based on my own style or taste more than anything. As far as number of big gun drums ojibs crees and Sioux have the most in sheer number so in my book the others have to pay more dues to get consideration although theres good singing in many tribes.

            for crees I would say they got a close 2nd in my book but they can sound a little too high and 'thin' if u know what I mean, not enuf tuff bass cept for ncree which is a lil too screamy and shrill for me, but at the same time high noon is right there with a great sound. crees enunciate a little too much for my taste- a 'lippy' or ‘mouthy’ sound which sounds funny to me. sometimes their songs get a little too "way-w'yaa-hey"-ish for my taste...gimmicky. but overall a lotta cree drums sound really pretty like w.f.jrs. u can powwow in their country and find tons of unknown but DECENT crews that would do really good if they traveled more, it boggles the mind. Round dance culture keeps em singing year round.

            siouxs is also a close 2nd and they got some good songs too some of the BEST and its down a little lower but still high but with a little snappier beat, not slow like crees can get. If crees sounded gimmicky then maybe Sioux songs can get a lil uninteresting when the pitch drops down into the bass. the enunciation is the opposite of what doesn't suit my taste about crees...sometimes the sound is unclear or muddy. maybe it's just the nature of each language that comes through in the singing style. But to me they got a better sound than cree cuz its coming from the gut a little more, and after all they gave us that GIFT or offering that time and they always have their rightful place.

            So then to me ojibs got the best sound, pitch is high up there but still STRONG. When it drops down then the power really kicks in like a ROAR. I was splitting hairs about enunciation and maybe just the singers understood but anishinaabek singers got that SOUND I don’t know how to say it, but it’s the sweet spot with sound, strength, tempo, pitch, style, etc. It ain’t based on not liking other styles although this message might sound like it…ya know it when ya hear it…they got THE JUICE! Plus the innovations and style of the songs is top notch for example MNX just evolving the genre for the next generation with much respect for the old.

            bigups to all singers keep it up


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              What about the NAVAJO's!!!!!!!!!! hahaha.. Come on' most of the groups have some Navajo's singin on the drum....ayeee. Kiddin.

              lmao @yeii's.

              Actually there is no contest about who's better singers, cuz they all are, even the non-so-known singers. But I have to go with mah Soul Brothers from Alberta, them Cree guys can sing. I or my son has any preferred sound, just ones that can make him jam.

              I think the song n dance singers can JAM!!!!!!! wooooooo hoooo Chinle Valley Singers, etc. hahaha
              You have crossed my path, You will never be forgotten......

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                You know this is a hard tribe are Assiniboine, Chippewa Cree and Grosventre and it's just not right for me to say, who's tribes are better than others at singing, it's disrespectful against da singers for me to say, who's better than other singers. This is jus how I was brought up to respect my elders and singers. I say that all tribes no matter who they are........ all sing their hardest and are da best.........that's just my theory.
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                  Originally posted by Kiiwedinong
                  Its a simple question need to complicate things. We all know the complications associated with breaking down a tribes relations. But come seem to be attempting to express your intelligence.....and we appreciate need to bring in borders and all the crap and trying to confuse everybody. LOL

                  Just answer it. HAHA

                  This question is simple, but Not at all thought out. Geez...who wants to differentiate?? Some tribes sing better round dance songs, some sing the best Jingle Dress songs, some sing the better Veteran honoring songs....and so on and so on and so on......and being of the Oglala Lakota really DOES matter to me and my cousins and their drum to be correctly differentiated. It's just like white people coming up calling ALL of us Sioux..its not right...why cant we have it right???

                  Man, this question is not right on sooo many levels.... I'm not going answer til it's more specific, cause I dont want to offend anyone!!!
                  Ipsica Waci
                  Wicahpi Eyoyambya Olowan


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                    Sing And Sway The Ojib Way ;)

                    You all named a lot of very good drums. Of course I must say my Ojibway brothers and sisters are my faves. I am an old style jingle dress dancer and no one can sing them songs like the Ojibs. There are many traditional Ojibway drums that you all have not heard. Northwestern Ontario has many traditional drums in which the older men sing on, and they have an awesome sound. You won't see them at contest powwows.

                    The Ojib Way

                    "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                      no one looks at what old songs made it...after the us cavlary soldiers came

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                        Good Song....

                        "MOTHER EARTH SHE TAKES CARE OF US.....

                        WAY YUNNA HO YUNNA HEY YUN YUN......"

                        Grow up already!
                        "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


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