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  • funny drum names

    some of the funny drum names that i heard are
    -Fat eagle
    _hidden valley ranch jrs
    _el nino
    _lab rats
    _rocky mountain oysters
    _you guys
    _next drum
    _beaver butte
    _elk nads
    _squirtting squeasel
    thats just a few, if you have some other dandy ones go ahead and post them.......

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    Wasn't this a thread about a year and a half ago?

    Ok, here goes again.

    My uncle's drum used to be called: BEAR GUTS, but his son died and the named changed to HORSE THIEVES. I liked "bear guts" better.


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      West Coast Playaz

      and uh, there was that one infamous cyber drum that formed here on years ago.......

      BUT, if I told you, I'd have to kill you (or charge you $5 for a ladie's choice dance).
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      Poetry is life in print.


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        funny names

        Whistling Beaver
        Elephant Foot
        Walkin Eagle
        High Life
        Overweight Lovers
        Hunch Back
        Beaver Lodge
        Dog Mount
        Weenug Nation


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          some more funny names are
          -northern moose knuckle
          -comode bod ramblers
          -stinkey weaselcheeks
          -todd beaversheets
          -erma turtlehips
          -ethel whiskeytoes
          -tinker weaselchops
          -pan turkeybaster
          -spunky speelunker
          -bob buffalobum....................


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            some more funny names to

            Four Skinz
            Easy Riders
            Eagle Poop
            Elelphant foot
            5 Broke Niijii's
            Wet Fart
            Westside Ojibwe
            Easy Snag
            Stick In The Bush


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              i remember there was a similiar thread last year about funny drum names. one group was Bum Knees.


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                here are some more
                -hit by thunder jrs
                -one drum four sticks
                -you drum i'll sing
                -harry scout
                -will sing for food
                -in stink
                -eating muffalo


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                    any other good ones out there please post em' ........aho...


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                      greasy face
                      grey ankles
                      scabby knees
                      (when the mc announced them he said,"do I really have to say this")rugged nuggets
                      screamin squirrels
                      rusty rooster
                      these guys
                      happy socks
                      that one drum
                      thas all i no now


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                          Funny drum Names

                          From Wisconsin, there was this drum called Camel Toe Express


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                            i've heard of "dirty moccasins"
                            i thought that was pretty funny
                            Youngest Jingles the shy one

                            "dance all your life, just don't be a dancer all your life"

                            -no one can hold me back except me-


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                              sounds good so far eveybody thanks for submiting some good funny drum names...


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